07 Apr This Is Why Online Yoga Is The Best Thing Ever

online yoga is epic


How fast times are changing! Who’d have thought that you would own your personal yoga studio a few months back? Yeah, that’s right! With our favourite yoga studio temporarily hitting pause, our beloved practice shifted not only online but also into our homes. Hence, welcome to your unique yoga oasis. YEAH! And we’ve embraced it with open minds and hearts. Did you know that online practice has not only the same benefits as your IRL one but a lot more? Yes, it does, and we show you why practising yoga online is the best ever. Plus, access to Australia’s best yoga teachers one click away. Stay tuned, yogis.


Staying inside has slowly become our new normal. Sometimes we maneuver our daily life better than other days. We all know how yoga can support us through all these days. Isn’t there the saying that the practice will meet you wherever you are? And it’s soooo true. Your mat – your sanctuary wherever you are. Both physically and mentally. Your sanctuary has temporarily shifted into your home and with online yoga – you can piece your practice together as you wish. How good is that? We won’t leave you in the dark about the benefits of doing yoga online any longer, so here you go.


The benefits of your online yoga practice


First of all, you can decorate your yogi heart out and create your unique home oasis. Secondly, practising yoga online is super easy and chill. Messy hair – don’t care! No judgment. From your bed straight onto your mat. Who needs fancy yoga tights these days? Or how good is that after a juicy yin class, all you need to do is float into bed—no commute back and forth from the studio. But there is more good stuff to come.



Your time – your practice.


The first most obvious benefit of an online yoga studio coming right up. Whether you have another busy day working from home ahead or another virtual dinner party, you will never miss out on your practice again. Online yoga is available 24/7. You can fit in your practice whenever it suits you best.

Online yoga classes range from a quick ten-minute flow to 60-minute classes. Feeling you need a sweaty flow at 2 pm to break up your workday? Then go for it. You can also practice as many or as little classes as you desire. Yoga has never been this flexible before. #yogaeverydamnday



Access to your favourite teachers.


Are you missing your favourite teacher‘s classes? With Power Living‘s online yoga studio, yogaholics, you can “summon” your fave teacher into your home yoga oasis with just one click. Anytime. WINNING! Just pick a class and let your favourite teacher guide you through it. It’s like a private yoga class in your living room. And you can take a class in your PJs, and no one will notice.

The best part of an online yoga studio is that you can try out different teachers, without having to go anywhere. Practicing with new-to-you teachers will add value and growth to your practice. So try them all out – they are all fantastic. Who are you practicing with today?



Pick a class – the choice is yours.


Cannot make decisions easily? Well, then this might be a tough one for you, as Yogaholics has tons of different classes to choose from. All at your fingertips. It’s like Netflix for yoga, you can scroll and scroll for ages. You can choose from a variety of classes. Have you never done yoga before? No worries, there is a class just for you. There are so many different yoga flows for your core, handstands or slow flows to start your day.

Give your mind some well-deserved time out through guided meditations or various pranayama exercises. Ever wanted to try a different style? Now is the time to give Kundalini a go or find rest in yin yoga. You see, there is so much to choose from already.

You also have the option to dive deeper into some poses like trikonasana or everyone’s favourite bakasana. One of the teachers will guide you through every step of the way, nailing the pose in no time.

Are you having trouble entertaining the kids at home? Look no further; there are kids online yoga classes. You can get your whole family on the mat. Fun times. There are even pilates classes on offer. Just pick whatever best suits your mood at the time. Or set up an action plan so you can practice a different class every day. We hand it over to you. Sweat your yogi heart out or sink into your zen zone with a blissful yin class.



Yogis who flow together stay together.


What’s one of the best parts of practicing yoga? Yes, the best part is the community of our local studio. Yes, we do miss the familiar sweaty faces flowing next to us. Just one glance to the mat over during a super long hold of utkatasana. Phew, yes this is tough! But guess what? You can still connect and experience the same class with your yogi friends.

Make an online date. And catch up with your yogi friends for a virtual chai after class like you would in good old studio days. Oh, those IRL feels warming our yogi hearts. Sweaty faces and messy hair all a video call away. You are welcome!



Fall in love with your online practice all over again.


We yogis know the importance of living in the present moment. We adapt and shift our practice to our home studio. It’s never been so easy. Yes, it might take some time to adjust practicing on your own in your living room. But you’ll soon fall in love with your practice again. Maybe even embrace your practice in a completely different way.

Now you are the boss of your unique yoga journey even more than before. You get to pick and choose your class at any given time. Spice it up or tone it down. Yin yoga every day – we are all for it. Saluting the sun with your face mask on? You do you, and we are all for it.

And in the end, whether you are in the physical presence of a teacher and fellow yogis or not, your practice is with you and there for you. Always. Let’s roll out your mat, yogi and get into it.



Epic yoga classes one click away.


Now you know all the benefits of online yoga practice, let’s start your journey now. How about we give you access to Australia’s best yoga teachers and all just a click away? YES! Head over to Power Living‘s online yoga studio, yogaholics, and start your free 10- day trial. You have 24/7 access to hundreds of different yoga classes and guided meditations – the choice is yours.

Let’s kick your online yoga journey off with an epic old school vinyasa flow by Power Living’s Founder and Master Facilitator, Duncan Peak. This is the original hot, sweaty, lose yourself in the fire 60-minute practice that you all fell in love with IRL. On your mats and flow, yogis.



We’ll see you on your mats, yogis!





Written by the yogaholics team.