07 Dec Don’t Miss Out On The Enormous Benefits Of Your Home Yoga Practice

home yoga practice

There’s absolute comfort in going to regular yoga classes – the routine of going to the studio, setting up your mat, and the guidance of your teacher’s cues. Plus you get to hang out with your yoga friends at the same time. Studio classes let you listen, breathe and move without needing to take the driver’s seat or overthink. So, why bother to start a home yoga practice? We promise there are immense benefits of a home practice.


We get it, we all live busy lives and somehow you’ve been committed to regular yoga practice for a while now and reeling in all the benefits. And some days, well, let’s say ‘life happens’. Sometimes life can get in your way, and it can be hard to get to your yoga studio on time.  So don’t let life get in your way between you and your time on your mat. When it’s one of ‘those’ days, it might just be the perfect time to start your home yoga practice. It’s fun and easy to set up your little home yoga oasis, then all you need is roll out your mat. Suddenly it’s super easy to squeeze in at least 5 minutes of yoga whenever you feel like it and have time for it. How good does that sound?


Tuning in to your body


Sounds pretty straightforward, but it can get a bit tricky sometimes. The challenge is not to think about your home yoga practice as “homework” – it doesn’t need to be as extensive as the classes you love in the studio. Start simple just by settling on your mat. Start to tune into your body. How are you feeling on your mat right now? Is there any stuck energy that needs to clearing? From there, you can move into any poses that feel good in your body. Freedom to move into any shapes you wish starts right here. You choose how long you stay in one pose and which pose to transition next to. There is no need to follow the teacher’s cues and pace, which allows you to deepen your mind-body connection. You have the time and space to listen and feel into your body. You will get to know your body so much better and can align your practice to its needs. Let the breath guide you on your mat.



Be inspired on your mat


Sounds pretty good… but the idea of creating your own flow might be a bit daunting at first. Afraid you’ll be stuck what’s coming next? No stress, we got you! Did you know that Power Living’s has an online yoga studio, Yogaholics? That’s right; it means you still get to practice with your favourite teachers just in the comfort of your home. And you get 24/7 access to many different yoga flows, meditations and inspirational talks for complete yoga newbies to advanced practitioners. All in one place. How good is that? All you have to do is roll out your mat and choose one practice. Just because there isn’t a studio class on at midnight doesn’t mean you can’t practice if that’s when you’re in the mood to practice! #youdoyou Hopefully, the most challenging part will be which epic flow to choose from!



Choose your style


As well as the freedom to practice whenever you want, home yoga practice lets you choose it all – you pick the length, the style and the level of challenge. Your body needs different treatment and practice styles every time you step on your mat. Tuning into how your body feels before you start your practice is essential for what your yoga style will be. Get as picky as you like. While the only option in a studio class might be a challenging, heated vinyasa class, in your home yoga oasis, you can pick a gentle practice and nurture your body. Yin for the win! Or you can work on your handstand practice in your own four walls before you give it a go in the studio — step by step building your personal practice. Plus, without set start and finish times, there’s no need no be rushing in or out the door. You’d be surprised how a planned 5 minutes on your mat turns out to be a blissful 2-hour practice. Time flies when you just go with the flow.


Ready set flow


A home yoga practice lets you move on your schedule and supports you to listen to your body. And a bonus – you don’t have to wear the latest yoga tights when you practice at home! But we don’t mind if you do!  Another big bonus worth mentioning is that a home yoga practice is a cost-effective option. Even if you’re using an online membership is only $12/month – that’s less than the cost of a single class at Power Living. And you also get a free 10-day trial!


Ready to start your first home practice? We’ve got some inspiration for you just a click away. Let’s roll out your mat and get juicy with Eliza’s Yin for happy hips flow. She will guide you through a more gentle approach to all things tension release which will have you little by little letting your body release and get back to its natural rhythm. Sounds just like the juicy release you need right now, doesn’t it?



Let’s roll out your mat, yogaholics!








Written by Yogaholics Team