Our motivation is to transform a generation of people by getting them addicted to Yoga. We invite people of our generation to be better people, more evolved, to do more good. We believe in transformation through daily practice. We want to be part of your positive daily ritual.

YOGAHOLICS is Australia’s first online yoga platform, created by the crew at Power Living. We proudly support one of the largest yoga communities in Australiasia offering accessible, modern and transformational yoga. Our teachers are experts in their fields with a passion for sharing their knowledge and helping their students grow.

YOGAHOLICS is Power Living’s online yoga platform offering access to superbly produced, high definition yoga videos, step-by-step posture and sequence tutorials, guided meditations, inspirations and motivations. With classes from 5-90 minutes, ranging from Vinyasa to Yin, YOGAHOLICS lets you take the Power Living style and instructors with you, wherever you are and whenever you need your yoga fix.



YOGAHOLICS is a monthly subscription service. After your first 10 days, $12 a month will be deducted from your nominated account through Credit Card or Paypal. This is LESS than the cost of a single studio class!

After signing up, you will receive 24/7 access to ALL our YOGAHOLICS content:

MY YOGA: Vinyasa and Yin Yoga from beginner to advanced

MY POSES 101: Step-by-step posture and sequence tutorials

MEDITATION: Meditation classes to help get present

MY INSPIRATION: Talks and thoughts that inspire

We've got juicy new YOGAHOLICS content uploaded every week so your practice can be varied and diverse every day.... because let's face it - if you're a Yogaholic we know you'll be practicing regularly!



Our teachers are experts in their fields with a passion for sharing their knowledge and helping you grow.

Duncan Peak

Passionate yogi, soul surfer and spiritual warrior. Duncan has pioneered the development of modern yoga in Australia. Creator of Power Living, co-creator of YOGAHOLICS and author of the popular book, Modern Yoga. Dunx wants to inspire you to live life to the fullest.

Keenan Crisp

Meet Keenan – he’s our resident traditional yogi who has travelled the world studying yoga under many of the world’s most regarded teachers and Swamis. Keenan fuses together this technical and traditional background with warmth and love in every class he teaches, delivering a unique, nurturing and memorable experience each time.

Emma Burridge

A self-confessed anatomy nerd, Emma’s passion in the inner workings of the human body drives her teaching. A qualified acupuncturist, 500hr yoga and clinical pilates instructor, Emma’s classes balance out mobility with stability and yin with yang energies. Her classes are energetic, fun-loving and playfully creative, designed to get you back out of your head and into your body.

Tobie Morris

Tobie’s joy in teaching yoga is infectious, her style described as unfailingly chilled and she is known for taking her students with her on a yoga journey that lightens the heart as much as it strengthens the body. After completing her first yoga teacher training in 2009, Tobie was hooked and continued her studies with Power Living – evolving into the joyous yoga teacher she is today.

Solon Ulbrich

Coming from a background in the dance industry as a performer, choreographer, teacher and director, Sol has over 20 years teaching and mentoring experience in Contemporary Dance and Yoga. Sol’s practice scopes Ashtanga, Hatha, Shadow and Vinyasa yoga style with trainings completed around the world. Let Sol take you through a joyful and intense class, rich in visualisation and imagery.

Emee Dillon

Before she found Power Living, Emee spent a decade as a professional dancer with the Sydney Dance Company and Australian Dance Theatre, doing yoga asana as complementary training. With extensive training in both Yin and Yang styles, Emee believes that every opportunity on her mat is a space where she learns something new about her body and her mind!

Adam Whiting

A voracious student of yogic theory and practice, Adam has studied and practiced with Rod Stryker, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Tiffany Cruikshank, Dice Iida-Klein, Briohny Smyth and Baron Baptiste. His teaching style artfully blends anatomical precision with powerful, energetic emotion and yogic tradition. Adam is also partial to breaking down and inverting the flow with a focus on advanced arm balances and inversions.

Cassie Lee

Cassie has studied Anusara Yoga with John Friend (Anusara Founder, USA) and Patrick Creelman and has taught yoga for more than 10 years. Her style is influenced by all her teachers, including Sarah Powers, Doug Keller, Shiva Rae, Baron Baptiste, Desiree Rumbaugh, Amy Ippoliti, Ross Rayburn, Briohny Smyth & Dice Iida-Klein. Cassie is known as a fun and strong teacher, with particular focus on asana technique, as well as for her progressive and creative sequencing.

Truth Robinson

Truth has been living and breathing Yoga since he discovered it in 2001, always ensuring to live yoga off the mat as well as the practice on the mat. Truth’s yoga journey began with Ashtanga (Patabhi Jois, India) in Brighton & Edinburgh, UK. Then over the next several years spent significant time studying Agama Tantric Yoga (Thailand), Sivananda Yoga (India), Iyengar Yoga (India) until finally settling in Satyananda Yoga of the Bihar School of Yoga, the world’s first Yoga University based in Munger, India. A few years of teaching yoga inspired a shift to the healing arts and he completed a degree to become a Doctor of  Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2014. Since graduating, Truth has become a registered and practicing Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist. Truth’s culmination of educations has brought him to become a passionate yin yoga teacher. 

Lisa Clark

Lisa, a Canadian-born, natural athlete retired from her 12 year National Team Synchronised Swimming career and fell in love with yoga. In search of a means to heal her body and mind she trained as a Fitness Instructor only to discover she desired a softer approach to physical balance. Lisa is a Baptiste Certified Yoga Instructor, an intuitive Master Reiki practitioner and a very average surfer. She trained extensively with Baron Baptiste and went on to assist many of his programs and trainings.

Shauna Hawkes

Shauna’s teaching is authentic and strong, aiming to balance the mind, body and spirit in each practice. Shauna comes from a background in Social Work.  She worked as a senior counselor in a group home for drug and alcohol addicted teenagers, a case worker at a male maximum security prison and as a counselor for women with unplanned pregnancy. Doing this work, Shauna has developed a compassionate understanding for people, which has impacted her teaching in positive ways.

Troy Abraham

Troy’s teaching style is powerful and he empower’s his students to use yoga as a tool to discover the most connected version of themselves. Originally, Troy came to yoga to complement surfing and snowboarding and his commitment is to guiding the practice in a way that adds to an incredible life experience, rather than just a strong yoga practice. He teaches with a strong emphasis on breath and total immersion in the moment.

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