13 Nov How To Create Your Unique Home Yoga Oasis

How To Create Your Unique Home Yoga Oasis

Are you a dedicated yogi but sometimes just can’t make it to your favourite yoga studio? You don’t have to skip on your daily dose of yoga when meetings run over, traffic just isn’t on your side, or you forgot your yoga tights. It happens to the best of us, it’s called life, right?! Don’t worry, you can roll out your mat in your at home and practice. Starting your home practice not only saves you time, but it’s also super convenient as you can practice however long at any time of the day. We’ll share some tips with you to set up your unique yoga corner in your home.



Your yoga practice at home


Even a few minutes on your mat can set you up for the day or help you fall into blissful sleep. Yogaholics, Power Living‘s online yoga studio, offers a variety of yoga classes, meditation and inspirational talks on everything yoga. So even if you miss out on your studio practice, you can still practice with your favourite teachers – just in your own home. How good is that? You can choose what style would serve you best. Whether it’s a bit more of a restorative yoga sequence or a more flowing, fast-paced or rigorous yoga flow, we’ve got you covered.


Setting up your home yoga practice seems pretty straight forward. Essentially all you need is your yoga mat, some time and a bit of space, and your beautiful self. Perhaps a bolster, blocks. Looking around your room, you might find there is just enough space to roll out your mat. However, trying not to knock over your plants in Ardha Chandrasana (half moon) pose might get a bit tricky. No stress, you don’t need to start re-organising your whole house or build a yoga room, a corner will do perfectly fine. Let us give you four tips on you how you can create a lovely oasis in your home that you cannot wait to practice in.



1, Create your zen space


First things first, in-house yoga studio, anyone? You don’t need a whole room dedicated to yoga, let’s just choose a corner of your house for your practice. A great place to roll out your mat would be near a window to let some natural light and airflow in. It should be a place where you love to spend some time to flow — finding stillness to meditate. You probably already have a place in your mind. We all have THE spot in our house or room.

The best way to get your zen on quickly is a clean and fresh space. Tidying up and removing any clutter around your mat will help you focus solely on your practice, instead of worrying about knocking anything over or fixating on that to-do list while you flow.

After you found your corner, you can build your unique yoga oasis. That’s when the fun part starts. You can decorate your corner with anything that makes you feel all zen. Candles, your favourite crystals, tarot cards or sound bowls, your mala beads or yoga books, your journal – anything goes. Just keep in mind to keep it clutter-free – make sure it all has a purpose.



2, Enhance your senses


So you have found your space and decorated it like a pro. Now it’s time to enhance your senses while on your mat. Burning your favourite incense, smudging sage or diffusing your favourite essential oil blend – it can make all the difference in supporting you to feel calm or giving you an energy kick for a strong flow when you need it most.

Have your pick from the likes of frankincense, ylang-ylang, geranium, sandalwood. Soothing and calming lavender for your restorative practice will do wonders. If you are not a fan of diffusing oils, that’s all good too, this is your home yoga space after all.



3, Yoga props are life


Who doesn’t love their yoga props? They can make all the difference supporting your practice and just make your yogi life so much easier. You don’t need to buy all the yoga props to support your practice. We have got you covered with some easy and straightforward hacks so you can still get all the goodness out of your props without spending the big bucks.

Instead of Blocks: Thick book, small stool, low ottoman

Instead of a Bolster: Pillow, folded towel, a rolled-up blanket

Instead of a Strap: Belt, necktie or bathrobe tie, towel



4, Create your ritual


You can begin your practice by sage-ing the space, lighting some candles: anything that lets your mind and body know it’s time to get the zen on. Put on your fave music tunes to flow to. This is your time and your practice so that you can make it completely YOURS.


Treat your yoga time at home the same as you would any other important appointment. Creating a calendar entry in your phone and set a reminder can support you so that you won’t miss a practice. Perhaps invite a friend over and flow together. Remember, skipping yoga practice is a good idea – said no one ever.


As cosy and comfortable a yoga home practice sounds, it can be tricky to maintain sometimes. Skipping your home practice can be an easy trap to fall into. Because, who will know, right? Try to hold yourself accountable for your practice in a way that feels motivational, rather than just instilling the guilts!


And there you have it — your personal unique yoga oasis in your home. Your yoga corner will become your favourite corner in the house in no time, trust us! This will soon be your place to not only flow but to find stillness, recharge and take some time out, retreating on your mat. And if you fall off your practicing at home bandwagon, we have some useful tips for you to stay committed to your practice over on the Power Living blog. Enjoy yogi!



Balancing that Dosha


We have a special treat for you, like a little yoga-oasis-house-warming flow. That’s where the goodness starts. How about balancing your Dosha to kick off your home yoga practice? If we lost you at Dosha, here it is in a nutshell. Doshas are all about looking at what the body needs from the elements to stay grounded. When your Doshas are in balance, they can ease anxiety, nervousness, fatigue and digestive issues. What’s not to say yes to! Let Eliza guide you through this slow Dosha balancing flow.


Let’s roll out your mat and let the magic unfold, yogis.





Written by Yogaholics team