13 Jan Are You Taking In The Benefits Of Yin Yoga In Your Life?

yin yoga

Have you ever heard of yin yoga? Have you been to a class? You might have noticed yin yoga classes popping up more regularly at your local yoga studio. If you’re wondering what yin yoga is, you have come to the right place. Here’s a short overview of what yin yoga is. And how you can change your life quality for the better with a little bit of yin in it. Plus, more details on three upcoming unique Yin Training Immersions with Truth Robinson himself. These immersions will elevate your skills as a modern yoga teacher.

A common thought that comes to mind when we hear that in a yin class, we have to hold a pose for up to 5 minutes in complete stillness? “There’s NO way I can do that.” However, we’re here to change your mindset, and yin yoga is fast emerging as a key yoga player in Australia for a reason! We list the vast benefits of the practice below. 



What is Yin Yoga?

So, what’s it about yin that’s made it so relevant to the modern person? There are two main things to think about when understanding the world of yin:


  • Yin targets the deep connective tissues of the body and the fascia (be prepared to hear this word A LOT in class) that covers the body; ultimately helping to regulate the flow of energy.
  • The poses and postures in yin are held for around 3-5 minutes, helping promote meditation and stillness within.


Yin is an intimate practice which can take you inside yourself. It’s no wonder yin is becoming more and more popular: stillness, patience, and non-reactivity are just a couple of the benefits you’ll receive from a yin class.


We are lucky enough to have one of the leading teachers of yin yoga in Australia, Truth Robinson, regularly teaching at Yogaholics and Power Living. Truth’s classes leave you feeling energised and inspired to make significant changes mentally and physically in your life. If you haven’t tried one of his classes, you are missing out; they’re a treat.  We grabbed Truth after one of his classes to ask him a few questions about what makes yin yoga so unique.

Q: What about Yin makes it so relevant to modern life?


In these modern times, we cram more and more into our days as we strive to live up to the expectations of ourselves and society. Yin yoga offers people something that we all crave: an opportunity to slow down and be. To ‘be’ without needing to be anything more than just finding breath at this moment. Dropping into this state teaches us an appreciation for the simplest of experiences, without needing more and more to satisfy us. This appreciation, in turn, will bring more gratitude into our lives: gratitude for our friendships, family, job and the even strangers we meet on the street.


Q: Some of the benefits of Yin Yoga are…?


  • Harmonises & calms the mind 
  • Less stress & anxiety
  • Improved circulation & so reduced inflammation 
  • Increased flexibility
  • Releases connective tissue adhesions & scar tissue
  • Improves joint mobility
  • Harmonises the organs 
  • Increases flow of Qi 


Q: Why do you think Yin is emerging so fast in the Australian yoga industry?


Hot yoga, ashtanga and power vinyasa are all exciting and physically stimulating practices and so fits the usual fitness paradigm we all know and regularly make time. These practices serve as the initial passion that drives us into yoga. But, as everyone who tries yoga realises, the mental and spiritual aspects of it offer so much more. 

Individuals’ path into yin may have begun by accidentally turning up to vinyasa or hot yoga only to realise that it was a yin class. Afterwards, without being able to explain it, one felt a deep state of relaxation and rejuvenation. In this way, the Australian yoga industry merely is maturing and realising that there is a deep desire to participate in these contemplative aspects of yoga, which honour slowing down and connecting back to the self. 



Are you interested in deep diving into the practice of yin?


Join Power Living‘s Truth Robinson, Dr of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in one of his three upcoming Yin Yoga Trainings this autumn in the Power Living studios in Melbourne, Adelaide and Bondi Beach and learn from the best. You will practice yin twice daily during these immersions. That’s already enough to book in straight away if you ask us.

These trainings are your gateway to exploring Traditional Chinese Medicine and yin yoga. Yin is continuing to grow in popularity and these trainings will establish the fundamentals of the practice and enable you to directly impact your personal practice and the lives of the students you teach. These immersions are all about slowing down, escaping your normal routine and creating space within.

An introduction to applied anatomy and physiology, with a focus on understanding fascia and how this type of tissue works in the body. Start to understand Traditional Chinese Medicine and the basic meridian pathways, plus get an introduction to pranayama techniques designed to provide greater insight into The Self. We will explore the 5 elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine and how to sequence Yin yoga classes to offer the corresponding philosophy. You will not be the same teacher/student afterwards.


Ready for some Yinyasa?


Still more of a vinyasa than a yin person? Do you wish that your vinyasa class was a bit more yin? We have the perfect blend for you over at Yogaholics, Power Living‘s online yoga studio. Roll out your mat in the comfort of your home and treat yourself to some juicy Yinyasa. Yes, that’s right. Let Truth lead you through 25 minutes of a Yinyasa flow – your regular yoga flow peppered with the energetical delights of yin. Sounds way too good to be true. So, roll out your mat and give it a go.




Slow your week down and treat yourself to some juicy yin, yogis!





Written by Yogaholics Team