04 Aug Now Is The Best Time To Soak In A Hot Bath

Now Is The Best Time To Soak In A Hot Bath

Who doesn’t love some bath time during winter? This one’s for you bubble bath lovers out there! Now is the best time to indulge and soak in a hot bath. And we’ve got the skills to take your bath to the next level. Promise! And even, if you don’t fancy a bath, trust us, we may just change your mind. Just. Like. That. Let’s get you ready for your new favourite bath ever.


Baths are as versatile as their benefits. Feel stressed out and a bit overwhelmed, soak in your bathtub for a while? Sore muscles? A bath’d be good to ease some of these aches. Or boost your mood with a bubbly bath bomb and leave your tub feeling fresh. For whatever reason you fancy a bath, you want to create an experience out of taking a bath (or shower if you don’t have a tub). Bath time is most likely your me-time, taking time out and create your little oasis in your bathroom—time to chill out and soak a little while.


Alright, if you are one of the unlucky ones that don’t have a bathtub in your flat, perhaps your BFF won’t mind you soaking in her tub for a little while. You can create the ultimate snack platter for their next series binge session in return. Still no luck? Don’t worry, you can also create an indulgent shower time with some of our tips below.



The ultimate bath set up.


Is it even a bath if you haven’t set up a caddy tray? Didn’t think so. You can place everything you need on it and have it within reach while you are submerged in water. Hence no awkward climbing back out and in. If you have one of those bathtubs on which a tray won’t fit, or you just don’t fancy one, then you can set up a small side table or stool next to the tub. And remember, you can always hide it in your social pics if it’s not that pretty. We told you we got you, right? Now that you got the basic set up, we are setting the scene. You can start running your water now and set up the below items to create your perfect bath time.



Just add some salts, essential oils or bombs.


Anything goes here, so whatever you fancy will be perfect for you. If you have been flowing through some vigorous vinyasa flows then show your achy body some lovin’ with an Epsom salt bath. You can add essential oils into your water. Perhaps some lavender oil to create more zen, chamomile, germanium or ylang-ylang are also a right choice. If you need a pick-me-up, then a few drops of a minty oil drop will do the trick.

Fancy something more bubbly? Then bath bombs are your go-to. There are so many choices to name all of them, but you can pick soothing ones, mood boosters or different scented ones. They even offer spicy ones. Some will turn your bathtub into a small volcano, different colours and bubbles once you throw the bomb in. Just watching it explode can be a moment for the ‘gram!

Tip for non-bath tubbers out there: you can also create a nice foot bath with Epsom salt and some essential oils, like lavender for calmness or something minty to refresh your tired feet. You’re welcome!



Light all the candles.


Naturally, this one is top of our list—go ahead and light all the candles you wish. You can place them around the bathroom, just make sure you remove any flammables. Let’s not light up the whole room, shall we? Here is where your bath caddy tray or your stool comes into play. Place some candles on these and around the tub. Again, anything goes here; scented candles might be your choice. You might want to switch off your light to give your room a more calm and relaxing feeling.



Your favourite drink in hand.


You don’t want to get dehydrated while sitting in hot water without something to sip, right? Pour yourself your favourite drink. Perhaps some iced tea, fancy H2O or some cheeky bubbles. It doesn’t have to be alcoholic, just putting your drink in a wine or champagne glass makes it feel extra-fancy.



Press play.


This is your time-out, so might be the chance to continue with your favourite series while you soak. You can place your laptop or tablet on either the tray or the side table beside your bath. Water and electronics don’t mix well, so make sure it’s stable and not a balancing act prone to fall in. Maybe read a few chapters in your book. Now might be the best time to play tour favourite tunes to help you chill out. Playing loud music is also an excellent option for your shower time next if you aren’t doing that already. Nothing beats a grand shower singing performance, right? Pick one that suits your mood. Or perhaps it’s time to put on some nourishing face or hair masks. Pamper yourself to your heart’s content.



Turn chill-mode all the way on.


Now you’re all set up for the best bath time experience, it’s time to get in your bath and soak those worries away.


And, in our humble opinion, what would be even better… a bath after a yoga flow or a yin practice, of course. Then you are SO ready and set up for a night of fantastic sleep. And we have the perfect class for you. Head over to Power Living‘s online yoga studio, yogaholics, and choose your favourite tonic for your pre-bath yoga session. How about a yin class to calm your anxious mind? Great idea, especially after a particularly hectic day. Join Troy in his 20-minute Balancing your anxious mind Yin sequence.



What’s your favourite bath routine, yogis?







Written by Bettina Simbuerger