10 Oct Boost Your Water – How To Stay Cool This Summer

4 ways to spice up your water this summer

We all know the importance of staying hydrated – especially when temperatures soar. Water is the best option to fuel your body. But we all know, that plain water sometimes can become a bit boring. Especially if you still have to drink a few more litres to stay on top of your hydration. We gathered four cool hacks on how to spice up your water intake. You’ll never be thirsty again.


Maybe even after an extra sweaty vinyasa class, you need your H2O more than ever. Yes, coconut water is another hydrating option, but sometimes to need a bit of an extra kick to keep that water intake healthy. Even the most hydrated yogi can struggle with this. We’re just keeping it real here, yogis!



Maybe it’ll take a few sips to get used to the unusual taste, but give it a go!


2. Beauty Water



3. Herbs & Cucumber



4. Crystal Love



There are so many great choices out there! It’ll be a long hot summer ahead, so you can try all of the above options to stay healthy, inspired and hydrated throughout the heat. Even the sweatiest yoga class will feel like a breeze with one of these cool waters to rehydrate you afterwards. Oh, and they might be a conversation starter, as they not only taste amazing but also look super cool.

Why don’t you put our theory of not ever having to drink boring water again to the test? Roll out your mat and give this fast and sweaty yoga flow a go. Then enjoy one of our water options above and you’ll see how perfectly hydrated you feel afterwards, will want to go back for more. More Yoga and more water. Naturally.


Which one of these cool water variations will you try first? Let us know if you come up with your own creations to spice up your water.


Written by Yoga Journal