05 Aug This Is Your Ultimate Yoga Wear Checklist.

yoga wear checklist

Let’s talk about fashion, yogis! Yes, that’s right. We all know that yoga is most definitely not about what you wear and how you bendy you are, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t love chic tights. Is it even possible to have too many tights? (We’re just asking for a yogi friend..!)


Flowing in our homes has given us all the freedom plus so much more, yoga-ing in our PJ’s all day. But are PJ’s really that comfy to flow in? Sometimes you need proper yoga wear. So we’ve rounded up some key elements you’ll not want to miss while on the mat. We’ve even created a yoga wear checklist for you.


While we do love a good online yoga session in our most comfy outfit, we do appreciate a fabulous outfit on our mats once in a while. It feels different when you wear your baggy tracksuit to when you wear your uber-chic tights with matching bra, doesn’t it? It will instantly lift your mood. All of a sudden, we’re flowing like a goddess… Or are you spending more time adjusting your tights whilst they slide up and down your waist? Worrying about your sliding outfit should never be on your to-do-list during your yoga session. No one got time for fixing their tights or bra mid-flow tbh! Worry no more, we have created the ultimate yoga wear checklist for you.




Your yoga wear essentials checklist.


Let’s look at the key ingredients that you should be looking for in your new super comfy yoga tights and bras. Cute but uncomfortable yoga wear no more. No matter if you’re rolling out your mat at home or in the studio.



1. It’s all about comfort.


First up are the essential key elements of yoga wear which are comfort, fit and coverage. We’re craving tights that feel like a second skin, plus they need to have enough support. We want them to hold everything in place no matter if you are upside down or tangling yourself into some new crazy shape. No matter which size and shape you are. Go and try your new tights on. A few spins and crazy movements around in the fitting room won’t hurt either. Gotta love a good boomerang!



2. We are in this forever. 


You want your yoga tights to be long-lasting, so you won’t need to invest in a new pair after your 10th yoga class or try to DIY-repair any holes in your knees any time soon. Your tights must stay put as you stretch and leap your way to happiness. A good indication is that if your chosen tights feel too thin from the get go – you might want to look at other options if that’s the case.



3. Let’s breathe, yogis.


And of course, we’re all for getting hot & sweaty during some yoga sessions; hence breathability is very crucial. Plus, sweat won’t wick itself.



4. There is nothing to see here.


Ok. We’ve all been here. You’re wearing your super cute tights to your yoga class. Luckily your friend was there with you to tell you after class that … well, your tights are a bit more revealing than you really care for. Next time, you shop for new tights don’t forget that squats in front of the mirror are there for a reason.



5. Felt cute – might delete later.


Last but not least, without being superficial here, we want to look cute. There we said it, we owning it. Feel good flows in feel good tights are all you want some days. So go for it. And you can take your cute outfit for a spin when grabbing your coffee from the local cafe or going for a stroll with your yogi friends. PJ’s won’t cut it here. WINNING!


Flow your heart out yoga



And there you have it, your yoga wear checklist. You will never have a new yoga tight fashion mishap ever again. Trust us! So go out and really try on your new yoga tight or bra. Give it a good look over and spin. Once you found your new favourite yoga outfit, you’ll never want to take it off. You know, sometimes you’ve just got to wear these tights everywhere. From flow to the street in no time. Can’t help it!! We are all here for it. And to “test flow” your new yoga wear, we’ll share a beautiful heart-opening flow for you below.


Head over to Power Living‘s online yoga studio, yogaholics and join one of our favourite teachers, Gina, in her 15-min yoga flow from the heart. You will be opening the front line of the body and strengthen the backline. You are twirling around the mat through goddess pose and wild thing – really stretching your yoga tights from here to there. Are you ready to flow?



We see you on the mat, yogi-fashionistas!






Written by the Yogaholics team.

Image credit girlfriend collective.