24 Sep It’a All About Balance – Live the Life You Want Now

All About Balance- Live the Life you Want this Libra Season

We’re well and truly in Libra season now. Exemplified by the scales, Libra season is when balance reigns supreme. As natural people-pleasers, the fun and often flirty Libras put the premium on the happiness of those around them.

Libras are fixated on harmony and equilibrium, and it’s having healthy relationships with others that help them find an inner calm. As yogis, we know all too well how important it is to feel balanced not only on our mats but also in our daily lives.  With this kind of energy palpitating around us, Libra season is a great time for nurturing relationships and setting long-term plans into action. 

Virgo season was characterised by planning things out and getting clarity on the things you want. Now it’s time to go out and put those plans into action!

So, how can you make the most of this Libra season? Here are some ways to align your intentions with the strengths of this zodiac – remember to keep the scales in check and aim for balance. 


Get Your Flirt On

Libras are natural flirts. If you’re single, now is a great time to date. If you’re in a relationship, now is an even better time to remind yourselves to keep on flirting with each other and planning regular date nights! As Venus governs Libra – the planet defined by love, money, and beauty – the energy for romance and courtship is high this season. Put out that good energy and let the universe know that you’re open to nurturing relationships.


And don’t forget t show yourself some love, yogi! The most important and longest relationship of your life is with yourself! Shower yourself with self-care and self-love. Do whatever makes you feel good about yourself. We heard on the grapevine that rolling out your yoga mat and freestyle flowing to your favourite tunes does wonder for your soul! 


Enrich Yourself With Art & Culture

Libras enjoy surrounding themselves with beautiful things, and this is just the energy we need to go out and deliberately take in as much art as we can. Visit a museum, go to the theatre, listen to new music, or explore a new skill altogether. You might be the next Bansky – you’ll never know unless you try, right?


Or have you wanted to remodel your room, or repaint your walls? Or didn’t you always say you wanted to get a tattoo? Now’s the time to seriously consider it and allow yourself to enjoy all things pretty.  


Go Outdoors & Reconnect With Nature

Surrounding yourself with beautiful things is not limited to art alone. With Libra season coinciding with the peak of Spring, going for a hike, planning a quick vacation, or just squeezing in a morning run are some great ways to remember just how beautiful the world is. You can even finally finish that book you’ve had on your bedside table for a while, but enjoy reading it at the park for a change.


Feel the sun on your skin. Or spend an afternoon by a stream or the sea and listen to the waves crashing onshore. Let it spark your inner calmness. Immersing yourself in nature could also give you a unique sense of balance and inspiration. Throw off your shoes and reconnect to the earth with your bare feet. Nothing better than sunkissed skin, feet buried in sand or grass and windswept hair!


Spend Quality Time With Those You Love 

Start Libra season focusing on relationships, and you end it pretty much the same way. Fill your calendar with coffee dates, playdates and yoga dates. Not just with your partner, but with your family and good friends you haven’t seen lately. There’s nothing like feeding off of the energy of the people you are bound to for life, and working on the relationships you know will give you unconditional love in return. There’s such a thing as
relationship self-care which Libras know by heart, and we have this entire season to emulate the best parts of this sign.


Remember, you can only truly achieve balance and harmony when you know you’ve paid attention and worked on the essential parts of who you are. Don’t forget to include the people you love and those who love you back. 


Now go set up those dates with yourself! How about a yoga date first? We’ve got the perfect match for you right over here. Roll out your mat at home, put on your fancy yoga tights and turn up your favourite tunes really loud. Headphones are also allowed, let’s not upset the neighbours. Ready to get creative inflow? We are. Let the fantastic Duncan Parviainen lead you through his creative, fast flow. Re-learn everything you thought you knew about your flow in this 30-minute fun and sweaty practice. 

Get ready to spice up your life, yogis!


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Written by YOGAHOLICS team