25 Jun One Of the Most Important Aspects of Wellness You Are Missing

One Of the Most Important Aspects of Self-Care You Are Missing

Every day you get up and move, you eat right, get the perfect amount of sleep most nights and smile most of the time. You are perky happy and getting all those wellness benefits from drinking your coconut water and having self-care Sundays.

However, when it comes to wellness, we overlook and forget to prioritise in our routine people time and our personal relationships. Nurturing one’s relationships significantly makes our quality of life super spesh. And even our health can take a boost of vitality.

Self-care practices are ideal for getting that Instagram worthy post. On Instagram, there are over 16million posts for getting your self-care Sunday routine down pat. However, we are social beings who feel enlivened by a sense of community. Deepening our relationships is an enriching and oxytocin boosting practice. So rather than doing self-care Sundays on your own, get cosy with the peeps in your life and boost your health at the same time.

Why does this matter when it comes to our health and wellness? In a review of studies at the University of Cambridge, researchers discovered that social ties have two times the effect on life span compared to exercising. People with stronger social relationships had a 50 per cent increased the likelihood of living longer than those with weaker social relationships. Geez, that sounds pretty amazing ~ sign us up.

So how do you do relationship self-care? Here are a few tips to get you started.

1.  Reach Out To Others

Pick up the phone and have a conversation. Hey, maybe you can even facetime while you are both doing your face mask and chat about all things life and love. It’s so easy these days to not have a conversation with the ease of a simple message, but there is something more soul-fulfilling reaching out and having a sensory connection. It’s even going to boost your mood and immune system.

2. Get Real

In this hyper-digital age of DMs, double-tapping and texts, most people think that interacting on social media is enough to sustain relationships—but it’s not the same. If you miss the signs, these bonds can start to fall away. So make a date, go for a walk, put on a party, make dinner for your friends. Get social and friendly. #truthbomb

3. Block Out Friend Time

Make friend time a priority by scheduling it in your diary every week even before you confirm. It’s easy to fill our diaries up with all the busyness. But like going to the gym, it doesn’t happen unless you make the time for it. Block in your time and then reach out to those that you haven’t seen for a while. Then book in a play date!

Make time for the people in your life and sooner than later, and you will be noticing all these extra love and health bubbles in your life. #Winning


Written by Courtney Meyer