04 May How To Bounce Back From Feeling Lonely

how to overcome loneliness while alone

The last few weeks have been strange. There’s nothing like it to compare it to. We have been thrown from having a thriving, busy social life to spending most of our time at home. #stayhome What a change of scenery! Not everyone is coping and thriving in our new normal. It’s only natural. Sometimes feelings of loneliness can sneak up on us without warning. And sometimes linger around a bit longer. TRUTH! How can you stay positive and not feel lonely while, well, being alone? We show you four simple tips on how to beat loneliness while being alone.



Everyone keeps talking about how these are the times to find some rest. Or to maybe start working on your book. Learn a new skill. Do all the workouts. Try something new. Create recipes. Cook. These are the times for us to re-align with our soul. What are we clinging on to that can fall away? Not into yoga, well now is the time to try it? The list goes on. But what happens when, despite everything on offer, you still feel lonely?


First of all, let’s all just acknowledge that it’s natural to feel that way. Spending solo time sounds excellent in the beginning. BUT NOT ALL THE TIME! And yes, you can feel lonely living with a full house of your besties. Don’t worry, we got your back. Let’s shine some light on how you can be alone without feeling lonely while #stayingathome.



1. Sticking to your daily routines.


It’s tempting to stay in bed and lose yourself in scrolling through your social feeds. You know, just a little procrastinating over getting up and facing the day. We get it. These times of uncertainties suck. BIG TIME sometimes. And yes, some days it can be beneficial for you to stay in bed a bit longer and rest. Listening to your body is priority number one… unless staying in bed drags us down a bit more. Let’s get out from under the covers and start your day.

Sticking to your usual routine of getting up on time and starting your day like you would while you were still going to work, will make you more productive and set you up for the day. It will trick your brain into “Oh, it’s just another regular day”-mode! See for yourself. Was yoga your go-to morning routine? Roll out your mat. Can’t live without your favourite morning smoothie? Make it at home or run out to your fave cafe if you can and pick it up.

Also, get appropriately dressed. PJ’s are comfy for a little while, but you want to get up and get going. So change into an outfit, that makes you feel amazing. You don’t need to wear full make-up unless you want to, but brush your hair and let yourself feel aaahhmazing and fresh. That will help you immensely in getting into your day.



2. Take self-care to another level.


Now is the time to indulge in self-care. Again, you do you. So whatever makes you feel terrific – do it. That doesn’t necessarily mean long bubble baths or fancy face masks. Whatever makes you feel good. Do it. Listen to your favourite music playlist, sing and dance along if you love it. Take a cuppa and start reading a book, listen to podcasts. Journal and let all your emotions out on paper. The list is endless. Remember that the little things are usually the ones that have the most significant impact on your well-being.

Are the constant social media and news updates making you queasy and feeling uneasy? Stay away from it as much as you can. Picking up your phone first thing in the morning or just before you go to bed, can be quite upsetting sometimes. Limit your scrolling time and consume news updates only once or twice a day.

Most importantly, kick FOMO to the curb. Whatever your friends do right now, might be great for them, but you do you. Always.



3. Stay in touch with friends and family.


It’s super easy these days to stay in touch with our friends and family. Hurray to social media! Whether they are living around the corner or across the globe. Scheduling in regular virtual catch-ups with your loved ones will make you feel less lonely. The options are endless here. Trivia with the family online? YES! Watching a movie together? Cooking the same meal together and chatting while eating it? Sweating through the same yoga class? WINNING! Catching up with your friends will give you something to look forward to and having a face-to-face conversation or just laughs with your BFF will lift your mood instantly.

Your friends will always be there for you, so getting your anxious feelings off your chest will feel so much better afterwards. Your fave peeps are only a click away! How good is technology these days!



4. The joy of movement.


Movement is essential for the soul and our mental health. It doesn’t always have to be the intense workout that you are used to. Your body is already dealing and absorbing so much yang energy at the moment, so if just the thought of 10 burpees or going for a run make you feel even more exhausted and anxious, perhaps switch it up to a more yin work out.

Listen to your body. Listen to your soul. What do you need the most now? Taking a walk around the block can already be enough for you to shift from feeling meh to yeah. Dancing in your kitchen to cheesy songs – we are here for it! Time in nature is so healing. Just ticking your face towards the sun will release all the happy hormones. If yoga is your jam, roll out your mat and take an online yoga or join a live-stream of your favourite yoga studio. Oh, the feeling after a good sweat sesh! It’s there for you when you want it.

Are you craving much more calmness and grounding in your life right now? Begin to embrace meditation or breathwork into your life. Stilling your mind even for just a few minutes a day will do wonders. Don’t ever be afraid to take rest. Resting will give you more energy; you can achieve so much more after. Look at it like you are recharging your body. Perhaps take a Yoga Nidra class to find the ultimate rest. You will feel like a different person after it.



Whatever makes you feel good – do it.


These are just four of many tips that can support you in overcoming feelings of loneliness while self-isolating. Above all, you do you. What will serve you best right now? Do it. And don’t feel like you need to do ALL the things. Resting will make you more productive in the end. Listen to your body. That is how you become more aligned with yourself. Truth! Sometimes even just walking barefoot through grass or sand, can not only lift your mood but will ground you instantly. We are in this together, so most importantly reach out to someone when you are feeling lonely, a quick chat and a giggle can move mountains.



Let’s move and breathe together.


Let’s roll out your mat and get moving, yogis. Not sure whether you need a strong Vinyasa or a juicy Yin right now? We totally get it. You can have both. OH YES. We have got a Yinyasa yoga slow flow for you that you never knew you needed in your life. You are welcome! Join Truth on the mat and get moving and enjoy a bit of yin and a bit of yan. The best of two worlds really. It will make you feel good, really good!




We will see you on the mat, yogis!






Written by the Yogaholics team