08 Oct Your Guide To Throwing The Best Picnic Ever

How To Throw The Perfect Summer Picnic

It’s that time of the year again when the days are getting longer, and the temperatures are slowly climbing. Hello, balmy evenings. And where days are spent outdoors enjoying the sunshine. It’s the perfect time to gather your mates and throw a picnic outside.

It can be a bit tricky to decide what to make that won’t go off in the heat, taste yummy and also look very Instagram-worthy at the very least. The key to a fun and stunning picnic outside is planning. We’ll show you what to look out for and how to do it. The only thing left for you to do is find a cool location, create some cool hashtags and well, prep the food.

Here are some easy and simple tips to make your picnic a success:


Tips & Tricks On All Things Food

Chips, cut veggies and various dips are always a crowd-pleaser, but to balance out the excess, something more substantial and nutritious is needed. After all, a day of lounging around in the sun and a few swims in the sea call for some balance.

A good picnic should contain a centrepiece main, perhaps a delicious veggie quiche, a pie or something that can be easily sliced and dished out. Think about the time of year – in Spring, asparagus is abundant, while Summer is perfect for zucchinis, strawberries and raspberries. Try and incorporate at least one seasonal element into your feast. Eat the rainbow!

A fresh salad is always a good option, but try to avoid anything too leafy that’ll wilt at the first sign of sun. Instead opt grain-based dishes, such as quinoa or couscous, and add veg with a bit of bite – think crispy red capsicums, chickpeas and feta. Take any dressings along in a separate pot and add just before serving toss it over. Or how about a buddha bowl? It’s full of nutrients and looks impressive.

For dessert, you can offer a wide variety of seasonal fruits – watermelon and berries, are obviously the front runners.

Finally, don’t forget a good selection of drinks! There’s simply nothing worse than warm beverages on a hot summer’s day. So prep your esky with lots of ice-cubes. No big esky at hand, fill a thermos with ice cubes which can be added to soft drinks and freeze larger water bottles that’ll melt slowly throughout the day when left in a shady spot. Nothing beats an ice-cold kombucha on a hot summers day.


The Ultimate Picnic Kit


1. Food Containers

Nothing ruins your perfectly planned picnic then food leaking everywhere. Foremost make sure to store everything in air-tight containers so everything will stay fresh, crisp and tasty all day. You can still store them in your cute picnic wicker basket. You can warp your veggies and fruit in beeswax. These’ll not only be the green option but also looks super cute. Freeze ice packs the night before and pack them around the food to keep everything fresh.


2. Reusable or Eco-Friendly Plates, Cups, Cutlery & Napkins

Say no to single-use plastics with a set of reusable or eco-friendly plates and cutlery. Biodegradable bamboo or sustainable wood is a good option if you’d rather bin everything at the end of the day, otherwise reusable sets are more sturdy and will come in handy if you think you’ll be a frequent picnicker. Look out for enamel or melamine plates if you’re willing to invest. Weak paper plates are not your friend – they may be cheap, but they’ll feel like a false economy when you’re doubling up to avoid seepage. You don’t want that to happen. And for napkins, choose linen or cotton ones,  that you can upcycle for your next dinner party.


3. Picnic Blanket & Outdoor Games

As lovely as it is to feel the grass between your toes, a sturdy picnic blanket is a must-have for laying out your feast. We like one with a wipe-clean backing that’ll stop any dew seeping through. The picnic rug is not only your outside table but also your Instagram-worthy backdrop, so choose a colourful bohemian-inspired one. Don’t forget to bring a cricket bat, frisbee or football with you not only to work off some of that picnic food but to have some fun with your friends.


The Checklist

As long as you’ve packed the following, your picnic is sure to be a success:

  • A wicker basket, cool bag or rucksack
  • Airtight food containers
  • Reusable or eco plates, cups, cutlery & napkins
  • Ice packs
  • A bottle opener
  • Picnic rug
  • Food & Drinks
  • Sunscreen, Hat and sunnies
  • Football, Frisbee or outdoor games
  • Bin bags for rubbish, always take your waste with you.


Keeping these tips and tricks in mind and your next outdoor picnic will be a breeze. Plus you won’t have any food spillage unless you drop that beetroot dressing on your dress. Now get ready to plan the location, and you are ready to go.  Send out your facebook invites and get food prepping.


Where will you be having a picnic this season?


Written by Stacey Smith