27 Sep Is Kombucha Really The New Black Of Healthy Drinks?

Is Kombucha Really The New Black Of Healthy Drinks?

So – Kombucha. Tried it, love it, hate it, curious about it? Recently, the internet went crazy over this TikTok video of a woman who was trying Kombucha for the first time, and we can totally relate to her rollercoaster of emotions. Not gonna lie, it’s like she went through the complete seven stages of grief in less than 30 seconds.


Kombucha has been around for either a hundred or a thousand years; nit’s just that one paid any attention to it until recent years. Experts say the history of the drink is shrouded in mystery but is thought to originate from China, Russia and involved transport out of Asia after WWI. But wait, first things first. What exactly is Kombucha?


In a gist, it’s fermented tea. So, it’s black or green tea mixed with yeast and bacteria and sweetened with sugar. These microbes are known as SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) and are, umm, alive and self-perpetuating. Sounds delightful, right?


But one thing is clear: The kombucha market is HUGE. In the US, it has become the fastest-growing segment of the ‘functional beverage’ market, with sales topping over USD 600M.


In Australia, it’s gaining popularity cannot be ignored, having the second-highest number of kombucha launches since 2016. It sure has some die-hard fans, but nutritionists are careful to go all-in to support its health benefits. After all, a healthy diet and lifestyle are all about balance. So, what does kombucha do for the body, and what should you know about it?


1. It’s A Source Of Probiotics


Probiotics are the main argument for kombucha’s health benefits. As it is fermented, it’s rich in probiotics, aka good gut bacteria. According to nutritionists, it’s essential to foster a healthy gut microbiome as it can help your entire body function at an optimal level. Kombucha can also help take care of your intestinal cells, lower the likelihood of allergies and even boost immunity. Sound amazing? Just remember: these benefits are not exclusive to kombucha. All probiotic-rich and fermented foods can give you these benefits as well – Sauerkraut or Vegemite, anyone?


2. It Has Alcohol. No, Really


Some people have experienced getting asked for IDs when they buy kombucha, and it’s all because some stores treat kombucha as an alcoholic drink. Since the drink is fermented, the sugar is broken down into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Measuring just how much alcohol is in kombucha is another thing altogether. Commercially produced kombucha ideally contain lower alcohol (less than 0.5%) due to regulations, but those who homebrew their own tend to have higher amounts. So, if you’re planning to go on a detox, stay off the kombucha!


3. It Has Helped Other People Cut Back On Sugary Drinks


Sugary drinks have mainly contributed to the climbing obesity rates globally – sodas, powdered juices, frappes, shakes, and the list goes on. With kombucha containing about four grams of sugar or even less, those who swear by the drink actively avoid having more sugar from energy drinks or juices after a workout. It also helps in keeping you hydrated, making it a healthier choice than other sweetened beverages.


4. It Just Keeps Getting Bigger


Remember earlier when we mentioned how big kombucha has become here and in the US? Well, here’s the thing it’s about to become even more prominent. According to market experts, the global kombucha market size is anticipated to hit around USD 6.2 billion by 2026. They see this as being driven by rising product developments. In recent years companies are more willing to experiment with more flavours. And consumers are becoming more mindful about making healthier choices.



And there you have it; all signs point to kombucha being here for the long run. Plus, the fact that it can be homemade gives it an added appeal for those of us who are truly aiming for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We’re sold on the health benefits, and optimistic we’ll find a way around the taste. We’ve even started looking at some inspiring homemade recipes already.


Also, did you know that you can make leather-like goods out of the kombucha SCOBY? Yes, you read that one right. Once the gel-like film formed by bacteria and yeast in the fermenting kombucha is harvested and dried, the material resembles leather and can be used in a similar way to create clothing, handbags and shoes that are sustainable, biodegradable, and vegan. How good is that!


Hmm… Time to experiment in the kitchen!


Written by Yogaholics team 


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