25 Jun The Struggle to Eat Healthy When All You Think Is Pancakes

The struggle to eat healthy when all you think is pancakes

Reaching for healthy choices in any scenario, let’s keep it real here – can be a struggle!!! Like the other day at brunch, I went there thinking yes I will get the eggs and greens and then OMG there on the menu are those pancakes.

Then obviously you go on the insta feed of the cafe to double-check you order the right meal. Like who orders from menus anyways these days? Aaaand it’s down the rabbit hole from there. The pancakes always look a bit sexier with all the berries than the healthy green bowl does. Choice made! Just this one time, won’t hurt anyone!

For some peeps it’s like walking up Mount Everest levels of hardness to consistently reach for the healthy choice or going to bed at a decent time instead of staying late and scrolling an endless feed, taking the stairs instead of the lifts.  For some it’s like ‘we got this’ and others it’s just never a happy experience.

So is it that we need to get more motivated? Remove the temptations? Sign up to a boot camp for people that need to remove our vices, do a 12 step. Naaaah it’s simpler – phew! It all comes down to your purpose in life.

We’re not talking about some god worthy purpose but your personal purpose. Like if you resonate with statements like “I have a sense of direction and purpose in my life”  then, likely, you will also find matches in your healthy lifestyle that matches this purpose. #highfive

Why is this? Well, when we are a little lost or unsure of who we are and what we are about, then we are in a state of confusion and conflict with ourselves. Those that are clear on their purpose are matching a target to a set of core values, boundaries and goals.

So if you are like freaking out right now because you’ve been searching for a purpose for your whole life and it’s just not coming no matter how many Om’s you’ve been doing.  Relax and chill babe!

I’ve got a straightforward way to get you back on track to a life that’s a living breathing garden of health. Well, most of the time.


Say Bye to the Pressure of Goals and Embrace Values

So many times, we are advised that we need a goal, a big scary goal to lean towards, that will get us to a happy place. Well yeah, this is absolutely a great thing to have. However, if this has ever scared you so much that all you can think of doing is sitting and eating a huge bag of corn chips you can find rather than face that fear then this is what you need to do.

Throw away the goals and get into your values. Values are a feely way for you to navigate your decision making without the pressure or burden of a goal. Choose three values in your life that you can check in with yourself before making healthy and unhealthy choices. For example, if your value is vibrancy as you reach for that doughnut think is this going to match my value of vibrancy? Hmmm yeah maybe for like 5 minutes it will make me vibrant AF. But then you’ll be crashing down from the sugar high so hard that you will be dull, grey and moody. Easy choice right.


Start Small

Ever noticed that when you make a significant decision never to do something again, you are all pumped to keep to it, and then maybe you cave, and then you beat yourself up and then you might give up. Geez, it’s painful just thinking about it. So, rather than making your decision to be healthy a significant burden or feel too heavy a constriction, start small.

Start by saying just not today, then make it not for two days, one week, one month, one year etc. And then suddenly you will see that you now know yourself as a healthy person.


So if you are someone that is struggling to make or add in healthy choices, take time to think. Journal what makes you light up with a sense of purpose, then take baby steps. And sooner than you know it, you will be one of those preaching healthy hipsters you once rolled your eyes at.

Need another small shove into the right direction? Have a listen to Keenan’s inspirational talk on Yogaholics about how to get present, be healthy and make every day count towards your life’s purpose.

Get back onto the healthy bandwagon, yogis!!



Written by Courtney Meyer