27 Jan These Are The Easy Yoga Snacks You Need To Know

best food choices for yoga

You’re running out of the office, trying to make it to your favourite yoga class. Oh wait, your belly is grumbling like crazy. Haven’t eaten in hours. To eat or not to eat? That is the big questions here. We all know from experience that twisting and bending with a full belly can be a bit uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable. #beentheredonethat So, what’s the deal here? Do you not have any food before yoga at all? Growling tummy isn’t exactly zen either. We’ve all had a savasana when we meditate on what we’re going to eat when the class finishes!


So we’re here to help. Good news yogis, you CAN eat before you roll out your mat. We give you the best food choices to help you fly over your mat.

We all have been there, having quickly eaten something before stepping on the mat, we make like a Higher Self sloth on our mat. In a heated yoga room. It rarely makes for a good practice. Happens to the best of us.


We have gathered some straightforward healthy food choices for you before and after a yoga class. So you can fly through class and focus on your zen instead of worrying about your full or growling tummy. You can eat before practice, just not right before you salute the sun. As a general rule of thumb, aim for any of these light snacks up to two hours before your practice. That should give the body enough time to digest properly.


Pre-yoga snack choices.


Before you practice, you want to aim for snacks that are easy to digest, and that will help you stay light and energised while you flow. As with anything in yoga, you know your body best. However, next time you are hanging out for quick pre-yoga snacks, give the below recommendations a try:


Avocados are life.


Some favourite pre-yoga snacks are our beloved avocado toast. HURRAY! Or try banana or apple with nut butter. Another excellent option for go-to snacks are crackers with hummus or fruits with your choice of yoghurt.  Smoothies are another good option, although might slosh around the belly.  It’s all about combining simple carbs with small amounts of protein, fat, or fibre will give you power and energy for class.


Go nuts for nuts.


A handful of almonds or any of your favourite nuts will provide the right mix of protein and fat, with a tiny bit of carbohydrate to help power you through your time on the mat.


Goodbye burgers and fries. 


No surprise here, that spicy, fatty and acidic foods can upset your stomach. These foods get digested slowly, so you risk feeling them slosh around your tummy all class long.


Don’t forget to drink lots of water during the day, especially if you’re practising in a heated room, so you stay hydrated during a sweaty class.


Post-yoga refuelling choices.


After a sweaty and strong vinyasa class, you are might not crave substantial food at all. However, you need to make sure you refuel and recharge your body along with plenty of water. Having a balanced meal or snack with some carbs, proteins, and fats will help refuel your body food-wise.


Choose carbs plus protein. 


You’ll want to refuel with a meal or snack that has a 3-to-1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein, especially after a strong class. This can help repair muscle tissues and restore energy levels. Our favourite post-yoga snacks include a quinoa bowl with veggies, tofu, or legumes. Or snack on some bananas, nuts or Greek yoghurt with fruits, nuts or granola. Another great choice is these three vegan post-yoga recipes by Deliciously Ella.  All the yums.



Here you have it, you don’t need to starve yourself before you roll out your mat. If practicing with an empty stomach isn’t your thing then give the above food choices a try. And as with anything yoga, listen to your body and intuitively make your choice.  Your complete practice will benefit from a more mindful food choice. Sloth or super yogi – choose wisely.

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What’s your go-to pre-yoga snack, yogis?








Original article written by Yoga Journal