29 Aug Moon Magic – How To Manifest Your Dreams

Moon magic how to manifest your dreamsGrowing up, we’ve all enjoyed the notion of wishing upon a star.  However, growing up has taught us that dreams don’t work unless we do. And as we rush from work to personal obligations and everything in between, there’s one cosmic queen that shines a light on us at the end of each day – the ever-mysterious and magical moon. 

With the power to control tides and nature’s rhythm, astrologers believe that the moon’s phases affect our waves of emotion as well. Our bodies are made mostly of water, after all. But with bills to pay, travel goals, and everything we’ve got going on, it’s so easy to lose touch with nature’s rhythm. Going on a lunar journey is one way to tune back in and align with the Earth’s energy to manifest your dreams. All you have to do is embrace the inner goddess – no fairy godmothers needed!


Ready, Manifest, Go!

The most popular moon rituals happen during the new moon and full moon. While a 29 to 30-day cycle happens between a new moon and a full moon, there’s also a 6-month cycle between a zodiac season for you to consider. As a new moon falls in a specific zodiac sign, a full moon happens under the same sign six months later. So it follows that when designing your ritual, the idea is to set a new intention at a new moon based on the energies of the month’s zodiac sign, releasing them to the universe, and watching them manifest over the next six months.

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New Moon Intentions

A new beginning and a time to plant intentions. During a new moon, the moon goes dark and represents a blank canvas, waiting for your new intentions to be created. It’s time to turn inwards and get present. Think about what you want to manifest for your future. Guided meditations may support you on your journey to get present and set meaningful goals. Align your intentions with the strongest traits of the zodiac sign it falls in to fully manifest the new moon’s energy. It may have something to do with personal growth, a new attitude, your relationships, career, or a new idea.

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Full Moon Releases

You planted your seeds two weeks ago during the new moon, and now it’s time to tend to any weeds that may have grown in your garden. It’s harvest season and the best time to let go of things that no longer positively serve you. Align what you choose to release with the strongest traits of the full moon zodiac sign. You’ve got a spotlight on you, and it’s here to shed new light on things that have kept you small, stopped your growth or enable you to not step towards your dreams. What do you need to let go? Is it the idea that you’re not worthy of achieving your dreams, financially ready or ‘enough’ in any way?!

Now is the time to make this decision.

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Coming Full Circle

A full moon can be extremely illuminating! Time to deal with the conflicts and revelations from that phase and take these next two weeks to tie up loose ends. Discontinue what should be, and complete what needs to be completed. Then get yourself ready to re-evaluate your choices, and enjoy another clean slate in the coming new moon. And that’s the best part about the whole cycle. Knowing that you’ll have another chance to start something new, and learn how to align your moon wishes along the way.



If you’re looking for more inspiration or a step-by-step guide on how to manifest your dream life there are fantastic books out there, one of our favourites is Jordanna Levin’s Make It Happen. What will your intentions be, and what will you let go of this month? Plant your seeds, pull out some weeds, and let the universe grow and manifest your dreams in the coming months.


Now manifest and create the life of your dreams, yogis!