30 Dec It’s Time To Start Living In The Real Life

it's time to start living in the real life - digital detox

What’s the first thing you reach for when you wake up in the morning? How many times do you pick up your phone and almost mindlessly scroll through your social feeds? Have you checked your screentime lately? Our daily lives revolve around screens. It’s time to unplug and start living in the real world, again. Here are 5 benefits of a digital detox.


Nowadays you hardly see anyone without headphones on and their head buried into their phones scrolling. Our mobile phone has become a constant companion. We are always on. It’s not only our phone addiction that we would need detoxing from once in a while. Netflix binge over the weekend, anyone? Guilty!


You know all about the health benefits of the latest juice detox, so let’s get you up to scratch why a digital one might be just what you are craving right now. The benefits outweigh the first withdrawals, we promise…



Happiness and Calmness. 


There have been thousands of social experiments where people have taken a break from technology, and the participants are almost always surprised to find themselves less stressed because of it. When you’re on your phone or absorbed in your emails, you’re not living in the present. Would you want to miss out on the now? This moment will never happen again!

Perhaps try taking a walk without your phone. You look at your surroundings instead of your screen. Once your phone isn’t buzzing or vibrating in your hand or pocket every few seconds, you will begin to breathe deeper and be less on edge. You will relax and slow down. Plus, you might strike up a conversation with a stranger that might become a friend. Dating apps might so last season! Just saying.



Increased Productivity.


A lot of the time, you’re mindlessly checking your social media and scrolling through your friend’s travel pics. We hardly ever directly respond to messages or even connect with others by calling and talking to them. Detoxing from technology will show just how much time you waste on it. It’s worthwhile checking your phone’s screen time overview to gauge how much time you are spending being productive vs just browsing online. Is it a surprise or a shock? Spending time off socials might even spark some great ideas for your next project or travel adventure. Try it out for yourself! Did you know that you can also schedule in some “downtime” on your phone, that blacks out the apps that leave you scrolling for hours?



Healthy Relationships.


Your social connections IRL can take a back seat, while you’re stuck in the virtual space. In Australia, 43% of people who are in a relationship believe their partner uses their phone too much, and 70% admit to using their phone during mealtimes with family or friends. We all know that person, perhaps it is even you, who doesn’t get off their phone when out with family or friends. Don’t be that person! Next time, try to create the no phone rule so that no one can check their socials during your get together. You can set up a bowl or a bag where everyone drops in their devices when arriving at the table. You will be surprised how deep you can connect when everyone is present 100%.



Improvement of Physical Health.


You’re glued to the screen sitting, lounging or lying down. In Australia, a growing number of people are obese, partly because of a lifestyle tied to the couch staring at a screen. Being tied to your screen is also not beneficial to your waistline, just saying, it’s also potentially impacting your lower back and neck. Tech-neck has become a thing these days, by hunching over your phone or staring into a work computer for extended periods.

Unplug, go outside and get moving. You will feel so much better afterwards. Now is the time to take up running again or take that yoga class you always wanted to do.

If you do have to be in front of a screen, at least do it as a means for supporting the physical exercise. With Yogaholics, you can even practice yoga in the comfort of your living room – all you have to do is leave your sofa and roll out your mat. It does wonders to your body and your soul.



Sleep Quality Improvement.


We all are guilty of scrolling on our phones just before settling in for good night sleep. You don’t need to worry; you are in good company — 46% of people in Australia are using their phone immediately before going to bed. A quick 30 minutes scroll turns into 2 hours in the blink of an eye. All your intentions and calculations about how much time you need to sleep, go out the window.

Your body knows it’s time to sleep, and your brain releases a chemical called melatonin. It helps the body relax and prepare for sleep. Science has shown that when you look at a screen before bedtime, you trick your brain into thinking, it must remain alert and awake — therefore preventing melatonin from being released.

Tonight, declare your bedroom a no-tech zone and diffuse some lavender oil before you drift off to sleep instead. You might be pleasantly surprised at the difference it makes.


Anne Lammott’s quote sums it up in the best way “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” Play around with some time away from your screens and see if you feel the difference for yourself. These five reasons to digital detox your life sounds pretty compelling.


Text Neck Stretches


Before you start to unplug, get stretchy with some Text Neck Yoga. Just see it as your pre-detox stretches, perfect way to ease into your phone free time. All it takes is 11 minutes of your time. Leave you feeling so good and ready to tackle the real world with your full attention.




Start living your best life, IRL, yogis!





Written by Beyond Blue