02 Aug How to Overcome Your Brain Fog Slump

Movement is essential! Yeah, we’ve all heard it but just sometimes that early morning rise when you’ve set your alarm for 5 am is way-way to hard. So instead we reach for coffee, sugar or something to pep us up to get us perky and beat off brain fog.

But what else can we do? Yeah, we’re into all things a little woo woo like energy healing and those more tamer ones like aromatherapy and herbal teas, but sometimes we just need a little more than our favourite focus tea blend.

So that’s why we created videos for everyone to get a little movement into your day when the brain fog hits.


1. Bed Yoga

I mean does life get any better than this. Bed + Yoga is one way to bliss out. Can life get any better than this? End your night getting mentally prepped for a good nights sleep. Allowing yourself to wind down and get cozy. Plus getting enough sleep will do wonders for you the next day. See more of these videos on Yogaholics.


2. Light a Candle

Think about all your senses – your body responds to smell. Keep a yummy smelling candle burning on your desk throughout the day – obvs check your work doesn’t have a freakout about it. Pick something uplifting and invigorating like citrus to get the brain buzzing. Any chance you’ve heard of candle gazing meditation yet? It’s a thing, yes. Grab a candle and try out Shauna’s guided candle gazing meditation.


3. The Sunshine Power Nap

Ok, this one is like the queen of all treats. Like the real girl boss that you are, I get that you can get caught up the looming deadlines and the rush of the hustle that finds us chained to the desk, dying from dehydration and ready to implode from a hanger. But I’m giving a signed permission slip to get up, get out and get hit the park or beach for some R&R… rays and rest. All that sun does wonders for your energy!

Bonus points if you take your headphone and pop on one of our 5-minute meditations to fast track yourself into a deeply relaxed state. Trust us you’ll be smashing out your afternoon workload and heading out that door at 5 pm with a checklist to be envied.


Now over to you, pick your favourite, ditch the coffee and test it out next time you are feeling a bit low on energy. You got this!


Written by Courtney Meyer