16 Aug 4 Easy Yoga Hacks For Those Long Haul Flights

4 Easy Yoga Hacks For Those Long Haul Flights

We know that escaping the Australian cold winter days to chase the summer sun oversea’s is on everyone’s radar so we’ve got 4 simple yoga poses to ease those long haul flights.

That also means you have to jump on a plane and inevitably spend over 24hrs crammed in a tiny aeroplane seat. Surrounded by heaps of other travellers, some are not so delightful, potentially screaming babies, delayed flights and busy, noisy airport layovers during very unreasonable hours of the day. Cannot wait to start your travels, right?

No worries, we have got you covered! We have 4 yoga poses to not only lighten your mood as yoga always does but also stretch your tired and tight muscles during those long haul flights to your favourite tropical destination. You can easily do these sitting down or while waiting for your connecting flight at the airport. Literally, poses you can do anywhere and anytime.

Additionally, we have linked a short breathing exercise at the end, to calm your anxious travel mind. Keep on reading.


1. Neck Rolls

Start by looking straight ahead, take a deep breath in and on your exhale slowly tilt your right ear to your right shoulder. On the inhale, roll your chin to your chest and as you exhale roll your left ear to your left shoulder. On the inhale tilt your head back to the centre looking straight forward. You can stay on each side for as long as you feel you need your neck to release any tension. Repeat 5 to 10 times each direction, moving with the breath.


2. Arm Stretch Extensions

From a seated or standing position, on an inhale, extend your arms over your head pushing energy outward through all 10 fingertips, making sure your arms are straight and strong. Perhaps interlace your fingers and pushing the palms of your hands upwards. On an exhale, relax back to neutral. This simple yet complex exercise helps to release built-up tension in the joints and arms. Repeat 5 to 10 times and feel how your body relaxes with each movement. You can repeat this stretch as many times as you want during your flight.


3. Seated or Standing Cat-Cow

You’re most likely already familiar with the kneeling cat-and cow-sequence some teachers at the begin of class to mobilise your spine. This sequence can easily be done sitting down, too! While seated place your hands on the tops of your knees. On your inhale begin to lengthen your spine and neck, slowly opening the chest and reaching your chest up towards the sky making sure to keep your chin slightly tucked and your neck long. On the exhale, round the spine into a C curve, tucking your chin toward the chest and engaging your stomach muscles. Repeat 5 to 10 times or more if needed. This should feel super nice, loosening stuck muscles and creating mobility in the joints. If your body craves more movement, you can sway your hips from side to side in your seat in between your cat-and-cows. You can get as creative as you desire in with these spinal movements.


4. Side Bends

This simple but super effective sequence is a perfect stretch to decompress your stiff and crapped self. Stand tall with your arms extended above your head. Use the inhale to lengthen from your toes to your fingertips, and on the exhale lean over to the right. You want to keep your feet evenly planted on the ground and your arms reaching to the top corner of the room. Be careful not to crunch into your side waist. Repeat 2 to 3 times, holding for 5 breaths on each side. This should feel super nice when you are standing up waiting for the bathroom on your flight. However, you can do this anywhere, really.


Stretching your body in between hours of sitting still and cramped in your seat, makes wonders. You don’t need coffee to boost your energy and revive your body from now on. And just in time for you to take off on your oversea’s adventures, YogaholicsPower Living‘s online studio has created a Yoga for flying video. Follow Duncan Parviainen through simple stretches and breathwork you can do right in your seat. It only takes twelve minutes to feel like a revived calm travelling yogi again.


Safe travels and have the best time on your holidays, yogis!


Written by Sara Quiriconi for MindBodyGreen