18 Feb Yoga Retreat – Your Epic Adventure Awaits

bali india yoga retreat

Are you ready to go on a life-changing adventure? Ready to leave the old you behind and start living your best yogi life? Dive deep into your yoga and meditation practice. Somewhere exotic and lush? Oh, yes, please! Leave the daily grind behind and immerse yourself in all things yoga: yoga all day, every day. OH YES! We think it’s time you went on your yoga retreat! Your life will never be the same afterwards.


It doesn’t matter the reasons for going on a yoga retreat, whether it be a yoga holiday to deepen your practice and meet like-minded yogis at the same time, or whether you want to dig deep and transform your life. Immersing yourself on a yoga retreat is one of the best ways to spend your annual leave. Trust us! You will not only come back refreshed and a brand-new yogi, but you also will never look at your life the same way in the best way ever. A yoga retreat can be eye-opening if you are open-minded and ready to dig deep while having the best time of your life. Power Living is not only known for the most powerful yoga teacher training in Australia but also their epic and transformational retreats. Are you ready to change your life? Oh yes. Below we will give you the scoop on retreats in Bali paradise and mystic India.



Bali: Uncover and Transform your Life.


If there is one place that is best suited for a perfect yoga retreat location, it must be Bali, right? Eat Pray Love vibes aside, lush jungles, romantic beaches and scenic rice paddies aside, Bali is one of our favourite places to immerse yourself in all things yoga. Bali is a place like no other. So imagine, spending your time on retreat there? It will be magical.


During a Power Living retreat, you will not only escape your daily grind and enjoy some well deserved “me-time”, but dive deep into your practice with daily yoga and meditation. And you are taping into the ancient yogic philosophy that is still relevant today. You will meet passionate and like-minded yogis, that will soon become your new yogi besties for life. But that is not all, far from it. Going on retreat with Power Living will be transformational. This retreat will be the biggest game-changer in your personal development and growth.  You’ll develop a life-long commitment to self-awareness and living authentically.


There will be daily meditation and yoga practices, workshops and inspiring community activities. Best of all, modern yoga founder Duncan Peak and the rest of the senior Power Living crew will guide you through every step on your self-discovery, learning and transformation. If you are ready and willing to do the work, it will change your life. Yes, it will be challenging at times; however, so worth it in the end. You will leave inspired, refreshed and ready to rock your life. Are you ready?


Have your eyes peeled on the Power Living events page so you won’t miss out on upcoming retreats.



India: Yoga Escape to Mother India.


India. The motherland of yoga. Full of myths and ancient tradition. The vibrant colours. The food. Yoga. The music. It’s magical, overwhelming and calming at the same time. There is no place like it. India is a bucket list travel destination for many yogis. One day… that’s what all yogis wish and dream of. And finally, here it is.


First time travelling to India? There won’t be a better first trip, promise.  Go on a trip of a lifetime with people from your own local sanga, making friends for life embarking on this epic adventure together.  


And did we mention that this retreat will be in Kerala, South India? Kerala is the land of Kera or coconut…. enough said, we are in! During this retreat, you’ll enjoy not only daily yoga practices plus, you’ll participate in cultural excursions and local dining experiences. And not to worry, above all, there’ll be plenty of time to relax and soak in the Southern India vibe! What else can you ask for really? Have a quick look over here for your detailed daily retreat itinerary. You wouldn’t want to miss this epic trip to India!



Your next yoga retreat adventure awaits.


It will be the trip of your lifetime, whatever option you choose to go with. Tough choice – don’t look at us! Bali and India will both be unforgettable retreat experiences. These retreats can change your life. Now, are you ready to turn your life upside down? Are you packing your bags already? We sure are. Cannot decide which yoga retreat is the best one for you? We get it, they both sound epic. The struggle is real. Head over to our events page to find out more details on upcoming retreat packages. Or get in touch with the Programs team if you have more questions, they can answer all your burning questions and suggest the best retreat option for you. 



Goddess Yoga Flow


We have got the right yoga flow for you to get your inner goddess on, while you wait for your retreat adventure to kick-off. Head over to Power Living’s online yoga studio, yogaholics, and roll out your mat in the comfort of your living room. How good is that? Join Shauna in her latest Goddess Groove vinyasa fast flow. You will not only feel like a goddess, a yogi goddess that is, but also stronger. Ready to tackle your next adventure. Oh yessss! Now find your fancy tights and get flowing. Is there anything better than a juicy flow to prep you for your retreat adventure? We wait.



We cannot wait to go on retreat with you, yogis!






Written by the Yogaholics team