02 Dec Yoga Blocks & Tips For Using Them


Cute yoga mat? Rolled out. Soft leggings? Pulled on. Fave Yogaholics video qued up. All that’s left to take your at-home yoga flow to the next level is investing in some key yoga block props. You know, one of those medium-sized foam or cork bricks that you’ve probably seen at studios but may have not gotten up close and personal with (yet). 

Alignment is very important, but looks completely different on every single person — yoga blocks help bridge that gap to make yoga a little more accessible to everyone’s unique and nuanced anatomy by bringing the floor closer and/or releasing tension too tight muscles.

Manduka Recycled Foam Yoga Block

Tip: They can be used for everything from Yin yoga to arm balancing.

Lululemon Lift & Lengthen Yoga Block

Tip: A simple way to use them is to use it to frame the body in a forward fold; for example, a pyramid pose, which is a neutral hip forward fold, can sometimes feel inaccessible if the alignment is not guided. Holding the block can help ensure that hips are squared and properly positioned.

Everyday Yoga 4 Inch Foam Yoga Block

Everyday Yoga’s affordable blocks won’t break the bank and come in tons of cute colours to match your mat.

Tip: Blocks are also a great tool to promote muscle engagement and stability work. They can help bring awareness and engagement to specific muscles necessary for advancing your practice.

Manduka Cork Yoga Block

These Manduka cork blocks are firm.

Tip:  Use blocks in my practice to help ‘lift’ the floor, or you could think of it as an extension of the arms.” Plus, Roberts recommends them for providing comfort and support to ease you into more advanced postures.

Original Article Written by the Refinery29.