04 Mar What is Power Vinyasa?


Power Vinyasa is a strong form of practice that encourages students to engage fully in body as a tool to get out of their head. The key element of “Power” in Power Vinyasa, isn’t just the power of the practice, but the power of potential that can be unearthed as a result of the practice.


All pathways of yoga are great, and none are better than any others, but in Power Vinyasa we emphasise the power that flows within us as the greatest tool for growth internally.


What are Power Vinyasa’s key benefits? 

  • A strong and supple body, like most forms of vinyasa yoga.
  • Calmer mind if practiced diligently.
  • Better sleep, and greater sense of presence within your life.
  • More energy, self confidence and motivation in your day to day life.


What sets Power Vinyasa apart from other yoga styles?

The emphasis on the intensity. Often times people will discount Power Vinyasa citing that it’s not “real” or “traditional” yoga, but this is simply because it’s incorporating a strong focus on the quality of challenge. In Power Vinyasa, the aim is not to just get stronger, or more flexible, or even to breathe better, although these are intrinsic benefits.

The aim and focus, is to rewire how we interact with ourselves by pushing the boundaries of what we subscribe to as “possible”.


The theory and the practice is this: If you have a belief that your body can only reach a certain limit, and you surpass that limit – even by a minimal amount – you can no longer believe your perceived limit around that particular shape. If you could immediately shift a belief around where you’re limited in one simple area, imagine the flow on effects this could have?

Written by Troy Abraham

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