28 Oct The Yoga Clothing Labels For All Body Shapes


Yoga is the one workout that really puts your activewear to the test. While your favourite pair of workout leggings might be able to sustain binge-watching your favourite TV show on the couch, or going on a gentle hike, whether or not they can withstand a downward dog without falling down, or a pigeon pose without twisting is the real key.

Your yoga clothes should make you feel comfortable and supported, also not distract you when you’re in the midst of a flow. (We’re looking at you, flowy yoga tank tops.) While this seems like a pretty simple task, it can be surprisingly difficult to find yoga clothes that check all the boxes.

When you are doing your rigorous vinyasa flows we’ve found the best yoga brands that work for all bodies and sizes.

Superfit Hero
There’s a lot to love about this Los Angeles-based activewear brand, including their yoga pants that have deep side pockets. Peep the hundreds of reviews to see how people wear these to yoga and beyond.

Outdoor Voices
From their liquid-soft tech sweat fabrics to their body-hugging Textured Compression, Outdoor Voices’ fabrics are ideal for everything from restorative to hot yoga.

Girlfriend Collective
Not to be dramatic, but the Girlfriend Collective leggings might be the most comfortable pair you’ll ever wear — and they’re available in sizes XXS-6XL.

Old Navy
Yogis on Reddit rave about Old Navy’s activewear line. Their tanks have a mesh panel so you won’t get your mat too sweaty during savasana.

If you’ve been betrayed by see-through leggings in the past, consider these from the Nordstrom brand, Zella. They’re thick and compressive but also allow for tons of movement.
Head over to Power Living‘s online yoga studio, Yogaholics and join one of our favourite teachers, Shuana Hawkes, in her 10-min core control toning.

We see you on the mat, yogi!

Original article written by Refinery29