29 Jun The Role Of Asana In The Modern World

Asana practice these days has allowed (or inspired!) many things. From exercise to alternative medicines. However, Asana’s original purpose is to prepare the body for long sitting in meditation. And opening pranic channels so the flow of higher consciousness can occur.

This hybrid breed of asana often called YOGA practice is now used as a way to look and feel better rather than a doorway to higher consciousness.

Power Living founder, Duncan Peak shares his views on the modern Asana. And how you can find your higher-self.


Is this new understanding of yoga a bad thing?

I believe it is different and veers away from tradition. But perhaps it’s the modern pathway for a pearl of ancient wisdom to impact this world? No one would disagree that there has never been a time more in need of reestablishing the morals and ethics of modern day living.

Asana can be viewed as a mirror of our own reactions so we can understand our in-built conditioning. In this type of context, a simple yoga class can be used as a vehicle to great self-discovery.

And unlock stubborn mental patterns that create our Samskara’s. This type of work is invaluable to the modern day world!


De-conditioning the Mind

During our basic asana practice, we are provided with many opportunities for understanding our inherent conditioned personalities. And thus transcending the ego over time.

This process is at the core of most traditional teachings. And it seems these days, science and modern expressions of Yoga are also aiming to tread the path of this process. Annihilate the ego!

The original use of asana was to prepare the body so it can sit in meditation for long periods and to keep it healthy and vibrant so Prana channels can flow freely.

These days asana is practised for many reasons varying from bigger biceps to longer hamstrings or just greater general wellbeing.

Our asana practice, even though it is a quick 90-minute session 3 times a week for the average budding yogi, gives us time for self-inquiry. And a chance to see ourselves clearly to challenge belief systems that have been inbuilt with years of conditioning.


Medicine for Today’s World

Asana is like the Ferrari of our personal growth to an internal revolution that brings great joy within. Even if you teach asana at a physical level and strip the class of the powerful philosophy that accompanies a great experience. It is still beneficial.

But taking away the philosophy that encourages the students to go deep within, challenge themselves and hold themselves accountable is like running the Ferrari on 2-stroke fuel.

If a student has been practising asana for many years and has not changed their perspective on life to be a happier and more pleasant person to all, then there is something going wrong.

Asana taught and practised with the intent of a vehicle of self-discovery is like setting sail for new oceans of hope. And letting go of the stubborn shores.


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Written by Duncan Peak

Duncan Peak is one of Australia most popular Yoga teachers and founded Power Living Australia the busiest Yoga school in the country. He presents and teaches his Power Living philosophy all over the world. His aim is to teach yoga in a way that makes it more accessible to modern day living and have an impact on the mental health of the people of Australia. For further information go to www.powerliving.com.au.