22 Oct The Importance Of Self-Care For Parents Every Day

the importance of self-care for parents every day

There is nothing that beats the unconditional love that parents have for their kids. Some days are harder than others; we’ve all been there. As you know, all too well, your kids’ needs become the main priority and parents tend to put their wellbeing last on their priority list.

When was the last time you indulged in a relaxing bath or went for a stroll alone? When was the last time you managed to finish a hot cup of tea or a hot meal without being interrupted and it going cold? Self-care is so important, and even more so when you have kids to take care of. We show you why self-care is critical when you are a parent. 

Parents, e
specially of newborns, often feel burnt out balancing the demands of work and rearing actual human beings. How does the old saying go? You cannot pour out of an empty tank. Does that ring some truth for you?

According to the charity organisation
Lust For Life, the way parents care for themselves is a necessary component in ensuring the wellbeing of their children. “To be a calm and loving parent, you need to take good care of yourself. This means recognising your feelings and the time you need to restore mental and physical balance. We cannot care for our children unless we get the time to recharge our batteries.” 

Now let’s go through the basics of how we can take care of ourselves better – because let’s be honest, we all could use these reminders. We need to make time for them once again and move them up our to-do list.


1. Eat Healthy Food & Maintain A Balanced Diet

We know, you’ve heard this over and over again – but it’s for a good reason. Out of all the ways to practice self-care, choosing a healthy diet that works for you may be the ‘simplest’ one.  We need to eat at some point, right? It’s very tempting to grab that bag of chips when you’re rushing through the day. And with all the things you have to juggle in a day, it’s a lot easier to stuff yourself with what’s readily available. Believe us, we feel you! But eating healthy will pay off in dividends you did not expect – finding the right diet for you will have you feeling lighter, more energised to carry out your multiple tasks for the day and even help you feel in a better mood. And guess what? Your kids will pick up on this energy, too. A happy, healthy parent creates a happy and healthy home. Isn’t that great motivation? You can start by
reading up on Intuitive Eating here to see if it’s the right diet for you or check out the Nutrition section of our blog if you’d like to try something new. 


2. Exercise Regularly

Another oldie, but a goodie! Together with a healthy diet, you cannot deny the benefits of exercise. And the effect that it has on parenting is also astounding. Aside from regulating your hormones and overall wellbeing, studies show that children who grow up with parents who work out are taught to be more active, patient and disciplined early on — winning on both ends. The best thing is, it’s so much easier now to fit a workout into your schedule, especially for us YOGAHOLICS with
online yoga classes available 24/7. So, whether you only have time to squeeze in a quick 15-minute yin yoga flow today, or a full hour vinyasa sesh tomorrow, you can quickly get your daily movement at home, at work, or even while you travel. 


3. Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Being a parent often comes with a lot of anxieties and worries. That’s why it’ crucial to find a safe space and make time to process your own emotions. You can do this with a therapist, by simply hanging out with your friends not just for playdates but for some good old adults only
sesh’s, or by scheduling your monthly me-time. For extra hectic days, here’s one quick exercise to instantly calm your mind, or take a moment to reset yourself with a guided meditation. And if you think this is something that can wait, remember that your kids will thrive so much more when you’re the best version of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. Thank the universe yoga is one way to achieve all of that! Did you know that kids can also majorly benefit from a regular yoga practice? You can even do it together with the littles ones. Double the fun, we promise. 


Does this ring a bell with you? Not to worry, all parents have reached that point at least more than once while raising their kids. Just try out one or two of the above, baby steps also does wonders. Start with some time out for self-care, even it’s just for two to five minutes. Don’t forget that your cuppa is tasting the best when hot. Oh, the serenity.

Once the little ones are down for the night sleep, roll out your yoga mat in the comfort of your home and get that feel-good yoga flow in before they wake again. Remember even one minute is better than none.

It will not only do you wonders, but you will also feel like a new human afterwards. Yoga glow and all. Take care of yourself like you would take care of your kids, yogi parents!


Written by Yogaholics team