30 May Everything You Need To Know About The Modern Yogi Diet

Let’s chat about food, why don’t we. There are so many different theories and nutritional advice out there that suggest what to eat and what to avoid. A new fancy diet is popping up every second day it seems. The struggle is real!

Now the real question is, what does a yogi eat? Surely there must be some rules out there, celery juice and kale bowls for life, anyone?

We pulled together a quick foodie guide to what a good yogic nutritional diet tends to look like. Now you can get back to scrolling the important stuff, like your next yoga outfit. You’re welcome!

To be honest, eating well is not that difficult; however, the foods you put in your body can have a major impact not only on your body but also on your whole wellbeing. Remember the last binge night of pizza and ice cream, and how that didn’t leave you feeling that light and elevated after, or did you?

If any of the diets out there or dietary recommendations work for you and your body, stick to it. Nevertheless, you can tap into the focus and awareness that you bring to your yoga and meditation practice for some guidance on how to fuel your body and what to avoid. Mindful eating is the key, everyone!

Yogis believe that food is the creator of Prana (life force) that sustains our bodies and brings us vitality, energy, and health. We, as human beings, are full of Prana, and so is food. That suggests that we should be eating nutritious food that is full of Prana to increase our energy and health, not decrease it. Simple as that, eating food that is dead, processed and devitalized is not the way to increase the power and strength of your body nor your mind. In fact, these foods will most likely drain your Prana to digest properly.

We want to fuel our bodies with produce that is fresh, full of nutrients and organic so our bodies can heal and nourish themselves. When we’re content and not feeling sluggish or hungry all the time, we know that our body has the proper balance of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates to function to its fullest.

Here are some epic Prana fueling foods:

  • organic foods
  • dark leafy greens
  • bright coloured fruits and veggies
  • whole grains
  • healthy fats
  • lots of water


Foods that drain your Prana:

  • sugar
  • alcohol
  • caffeine
  • processed carbs


Sounds pretty straight forward, no? But don’t be too harsh on yourself if you fall off the healthy food wagon once in a while. Don’t feel guilty for having that burger or your morning caffeine fix; just try to keep a healthy balance. Like seriously, who invented #cheatday anyway if you don’t take advantage of it, right?

Having said that, only eating the right foods won’t be the only thing you also need to consider how you eat. Are you quickly eating on the go, at your desk, or while mindlessly scrolling through the gram? Try to focus on just eating next time and not rushing it; take your time and enjoy.

All in all, the way you consume and what food you put into your body will collectively be a gamechanger. You will have more energy to roll out your mat instead of feeling the urge to just sit on your sofa and chill after a busy day. Plus, the chances are quite high, that you will be flowing through your flow – literally. Why don’t you try these flowy uplifting practices and see for yourself?

Rule of thumb, drink lots of water and eat the rainbow, yogis!


Original content from Modern Yoga book written by Duncan Peak