04 Mar Teacher Feature – Shauna Hawkes


Shauna Hawkes is next in our teacher feature series, have fun following.


Yogaholics: Where is your hometown?

Shauna: Born in Yakima, Washington but I call Santa Cruz, California home.


Yogaholics: How and when did you first get into yoga?

Shauna: When I first came to visit Sydney in March of 2008. It was only my second yoga class and I went to Neutral Bay Power Living. I moved to Sydney in May 2008 and did my teacher training immediately following my arrival.


Yogaholics: Where did you do your yoga teacher training?

Shauna: I did my teacher training with Power Living.


Yogaholics: What is your daily personal yoga or general exercise routine?

Shauna: I’m a massive fan of mixing things up and not sticking to a particular routine. These days it is all about listening to my body and honoring that. So it varies from practicing yoga, to surfing, to playing soccer, to running or walking. Some days I do multiple disciples and some days I do no exercise at all.


Yogaholics: If you had to describe your yoga teaching style in 3 words they would be?

Shauna: Strong, authentic and care-fronting.


Yogaholics: What food (diet) do you typically follow?

Shauna: Again, I don’t follow anything specific. I listen to my body and make adjustments as necessary. I tend to stay away from dairy as it inflames my system a bit, but to be honest, I don’t follow any strict restrictions or disciplines.


Yogaholics: If you weren’t a yoga teacher, what do you think you would be doing?

Shauna: I always wanted to be a physical therapist because I love the body and helping people. But I’ve always found science challenging. My background is in social work and I still do practice EFT and I really enjoy seeing other lives change for the better! I do what I love.


Power Living: Words to live by?

Shauna: Oh my goodness that’s so hard. Probably if anything, it’s to live in the moment, to not be afraid to say the things you need to ask, ask the questions you want answers to and tell those you love how much you love them regularly!


Join Shauna in many of our Yogaholics videos and enjoy practicing with her at home or at the Power Living studios.

Written by Katie Fowler