04 Jun How To Embrace Your Daily Life Struggles

The struggle is real! Scrolling through your socials day in day out, more like checking by the hour, let’s be honest here – bombards you with all sorts of updates, the good, the funny #memesarelife, but also the bad and inevitable ones.

We introduce you to a quick and simple trick to help you feel like yourself again.

So when your world turns upside down and throws you off balance, you don’t need to hide under the covers and never look at your social’s again. #firstworldproblems

Turning off your phone won’t really be beneficial, as you’ll also miss out on all the essential snaps from travelling friends and any upcoming spontaneous social invites. You wouldn’t want to miss out on these, would you?

There is one easy trick to regain calmness and open your heart and your mind to embrace your daily life struggles. And you guessed it right; it’s a short easy meditation practice.  You can do this one in a matter of 10 minutes to regain your calm self.


Let´s dive right in:


Just take a comfortable seat wherever you are and ground yourself.

Turn your gaze inwards and ask yourself, what is this difficult situation trying to teach me? Start to fall in love with difficulty, and begin to see what it’s trying to teach you about yourself.

Now inhale, focusing on the difficulty and see whatever it is in all its colour. See it before you like a projection or visual.

Then, open your mouth and exhale the air out of your body, pushing the difficulty away and also transmuting it into pure light. Feel surrounded by a permeating light.

Do this 10 times for each challenge you may be experiencing.

After you have competed for this simple meditation technique, you should feel calm and collected. Now you are ready with an open heart and mind for whatever challenges may come your way. No matter how tricky they may be.

You got this!


And while we have you here, why don’t you have a look and listen to this quick inspirational talk by Keenan Crisp. He talks about we can’t control every experience and encounter in our lives and how you can only embrace what life throws at you.

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Written by Biet Simkin