10 Mar How To Be Calm During Super Turbulent Times

How To Stay Calm During The Crazy End Of The Year Festivities

These times are one of the most challenging times we have faced in a long time. Our life, as we know, it is continuously changing. Living by day by day, sometimes even hour, seem the new normal now. Everything seems to happen at once. It can be too much to handle and can be quite overwhelming. You are spiralling downward within seconds. It’s completely ok to feel this way. We are here to share three tips with you on how to find your calm in turbulent times. #weareinittogether


Try these three tips to help you bring in some calming energy into most likely challenging day to day life right now. These will shift you from being frantic to zen immediately. And then there is always yoga, we will get to that, and a blissful online Yoga Nidra practice further down.



1. Step away from your social feeds.


We all know we are spending way too much time on our phone. Yes, we should limit the daily scrolling, but habits are difficult to break, aren’t they? Step away from your phone, especially right now, when our news and social feeds are filled with more anxious and scary posts, than happy ones. Spending time in the real world keeps you not only more anchored in the present but also calmer. We have a simple hack to break that scrolling habit for you. Limit your exposure to your news feed to once or twice a day. Making sure you are still informed but not spammed with all different news 24 hours. A good idea is also to look into your notification settings on your phone, maybe even turn them off during a specific period.

Even though it may be challenging to meet up with your friends and family in real life right now, dedicate some time during your day to give your family and friends a call instead.  Very old-school but oh so good. Or schedule in some virtual coffee or wine catch-ups with your group of friends. It will almost be like IRL, chatting about all different things, keeping all your minds off the current situation. It can also help to talk about what concerns everyone and support each other as best as you can.





2. Show your body some lovin’.


Massage, acupuncture, chiropractic — whatever you’ve been considering, now’s the time to make that appointment. Not possible right now, then take five minutes and simply rub your feet. Soak them afterwards while you’re at it. Or apply that face mask that you bought last time you travelled, but never had the chance nor time to try it out.

Now is the time to remember that your body is your temple — whether by a pro or DIY — is a great way to send it some loving. Or take yourself to your favourite yoga studio and indulge yourself in a juicy and oh-so-good Yin Yoga class. You will emerge calm, refreshed and feeling fabulous. Ready to tackle your day!



3. Sing or scream your heart out.


Yes, you read, correctly. Let’s get to the singing part first. Perhaps you sing in the shower, cleaning the house or in your car. If that makes you break out in a cold sweat, maybe feeling nervous about singing out loud? Try whistling or humming instead. Whatever, get your favourite tune ready, headphones on and sing/whistle/hum your heart out. SO GOOD! Add some creative dance moves in the mix and you are set. And you have created yourself a little disco at home.

What about screaming your heart out? If you’ve never tried intentionally screaming, give it a go. You can watch any frustration, stress, and anxiety melt away in moments.  Standing on a cliff and screaming at the sea or on a rooftop does wonders though. Sing or scream to instant calm. What is it gonna be for you?





As you can see, it’s the little things that make you feel calmer and more at ease when times get super challenging and turbulent — leaving you in the right headspace. Permitting yourself and your mind, which is in overdrive most likely, some time out to reset does work its magic. Now back to the yoga part. We all know that spending time on your yoga mat, can revive not only a tired body but also leaves you less stressed and calm. However, sometimes, even getting onto our yoga mat seems like already too much. We get it, and we have the perfect practice for you: Yoga Nidra. A game-changer to many yogis and even better than sleep, but see below.



Find your bliss with Yoga Nidra.


Is there anything better than coffee? If you are shaking your head right now, then you haven’t tried Yoga Nidra yet? You are seriously missing out on the best bits in your yoga practice. Yoga Nidra is the most powerful meditation technique there is, leaving the body completely relaxed. It will calm you down instantly. Like a power nap and strong coffee together – but way better. Promise, it will change your life.

To access the best most zen practice, all you need to do is head over to Power Living‘s online yoga studio, yogaholics. Find a quiet space in your room, put some ultra-comfy clothes on and roll out your mat or get comfy on your lounge chair. Let Shauna guide you through a 13 min Yoga Nidra practice of pure relaxation. You might get addicted to it; it is that amazing.



How are you staying calm during these challenging times, yogis?






Written by Yoga Journal