25 Mar These Four Powerful Crystals Can Boost Your Life

These powerful crystals boost your lifeCan’t sleep? Low on energy? Need some energetic pick me up? How about some support in finding love? Guess what? There’re some crystals for it. Crystals are the new black/app these days. They are everywhere, right? Some people sleep with crystals in their bed. Some carry them in their pockets or sit with them in meditation. So, what’s the deal with these colourful stones? We are de-mystifying the bright rainbow of crystals and have picked four crystals that will raise your vibration in no time. You are welcome!


Whether you are a beginner to the world of crystals or a lover of them for years, you can’t have enough of these stones, can you? Guilty as charged! Crystals help us to bring back balance or harmony into our lives and minds. The proposed healing benefits of crystals mostly surround areas of mental wellbeing. These gemstones each have a unique frequency and energy field that gives them select properties.



There are so many gemstones out there, the choice which ones to pick wasn’t easy but here it goes, these four crystals will immediately lift you up.



1, Clear Quartz – the most favourite of them all.


It’s true; this clear coloured stone is one of the most popular stones around. It’s a “must-have” in your crystal collection. And here’s the reason why. This stone has been used for thousands of years to balance the body and clear the mind. It is said to amplify your intention. YES, PLEASE! But that is not all. It magnifies the vibrations of other crystals around; so it’s often used to cleanse and re-energise other crystals. It has powerful cleansing effects and this stone can counteract negative energy blockages.

It’s an excellent stone for beginners, as there is not much that can go wrong. Be warned; there are some mighty powerful stones out there. Trust us. But back to this little beauty.


How to use this crystal? 


You can sit quietly with the stone and feel its white light fill your body with positive energy. Contemplate your intention for the healing crystal and trust in the power of its vibrations. WOW!



2, Citrine – the happiness stone.


This one is a crystal of light, happiness, and presence. And you guessed it right, its colour is yellow – just like the sun. Holding one of these bright stones serves as a friendly reminder to be mindful and appreciate the world as it is right now. Citrine is a wonderful and the most potent manifestation stone. It helps make your intention a reality.

It also encourages you to maintain a positive state of mind and walk through life with gratitude. Dream big – that’s what this crystal wants you to do. And we are all here for it.


How to use it?


You can place it on your windowsill, so the sun and natural light can restore and regenerates its powerful vibrations. Every time you look at it, it reminds you to shine bright. To walk through your life with gratitude and keeping a positive outlook. Another way to use it is to place it in your hands while reciting your manifestation list. Dream big and create your dream life IRL.




3, Amethyst – the spiritual one.


This purple crystal is a highly spiritual stone often used for meditation as it opens up the third eye and crown chakras. It connects people to their intuition. The amethyst is also associated with mental clarity and psychic abilities. Some people are drawn to it to help them in making decisions – helping them to trust and listen to their intuition instead of listening to fear or negative patterns. That’s powerful! It’s also known to wash away your stress – so grab it after a long and hectic day at work. It removes any negativity and eases grief as well as supporting to focus your mind and even said to reduce the effect of headaches.


How to use it?


Find a quiet place to sit uninterrupted with the stone in your hands and meditate. Make space and see for yourself if any new insights come through. You can also place it in your bedroom to find a night of restful sleep.




4, Black tourmaline – your protective bodyguard.


Oh, yes, you need this one in your life! Who doesn’t want an energy bodyguard? Its deep black colour already looks very mystic and powerful. It’s said to help repel any negative energy before it has a chance to enter your life. You can use it to support you in letting go of fear and anxiety, heavy energy in very anxious times of uncertainty. It absorbs all these energies and released light and positive ones.


How to use it?


You can carry it in your pocket to help protect you from negative energies from other people. It’s like a little protective shield around you at all times. Another option is to sit with it in your hand and release all your fears and anxious thoughts into it. Or keep it around your house to maintain a light and positive vibe.



Crystals have superpowers


As you can see, crystals are not only pretty; they also have superpowers. Yes, we’ll call it – superpowers. They can pick you up when you are feeling down, spreading joy just by looking at their bright colours or support you in living your dream. These four are just a small selection of the rainbow of crystals that is out there. Get ready to dive deep into the beautiful world of crystal, but be warned once you start… you can hardly stop. Which crystal will you choose?


Tough choice, they are all wonderful and known for their unique powers. And also, don’t worry too much, because choosing a crystal is no rocket science either. It is said that the gemstone chooses you. Yes, that’s right. We unintentionally pick the one that will serve us the most right at that time. No surprise there, that when you feel like you are low on energy as you have been giving too much, that ruby will be the one you reach out to. Don’t forget in all this crystal frenzy to occasionally charge and cleanse your crystal. They are soaking up all the “bad” energies, after all. Hello, new full moon ritual!



A perfect meditation for you.


Alright, let’s give this a go IRL, shall we? Naturally, you want to test this out, so we at Yogaholics, have picked one meditation for you. Join Adam Whiting in his Third Eye meditation and bring your intuition, clarity and imagination into vision. Don’t forget to grab your amethyst crystal to hone in on the power of your third eye. Hold the crystal in your hand. Find a comfy seat and close down your eyes.




What’s your favourite crystal, yogis?





Original article was written by mindbodygreen