04 Apr The Benefits Of Meditating In Todays Society

Meditation seems very simple – sit still and quiet your mind. In reality, most of us find this process extremely difficult. Why is such a simple thing, of sitting still and calming the mind so tricky to do? Modern day stresses are enough of an explanation.

We plan and think ahead for most things, I bet you know what your social schedule looks like for the upcoming weekend, you’re already thinking about what to make for dinner (it’s probably not even lunch time yet), or you’re most likely analysing the events of last week.

All of these thoughts have one thing in common –they’re in the future or the past. Learning to meditate allows you to live in the present moment. Something that helps improve your quality of life and relationships.

The first stage of meditation begins with learning how to concentrate the mind on one thought or object for a period of time without allowing the senses to drag the mind off in a million different directions. Our mind tends to run away like when we see that Power Living have an epic retreat coming up in Bali and our mind starts dreaming of rice fields and crystal clear beaches. We call this process of focusing the mind ‘being present’, the ability to think about just one thought or object.

Below we discuss the benefits of meditation and how you can start at home.


Benefits of Meditation

Reduces Stress and Anxiety
With so much baggage and stress in our lives today, meditation can help to minimise this by enabling you to be still. Imagine if you just stopped whatever it was that was making you feel stressed or anxious right now and just breathed? Chances are, the thing that was causing you stress would still be there, yet you’d feel a whole lot better. Making a conscious decision to let go takes the problem from stressful to being comfortable in the stress. Meditation teaches us to drop the struggle and focus on the breath.

Improves Sleep
Ever wonder why your parents used to tell you to count sheep if you complained about not being able to fall asleep? That is because it is a form of meditation. You’re focusing on one thing, counting the sheep. You’re not analysing what the sheep look like, which one will jump the highest, where they will go after jumping. As soon as you stop TRYING to sleep, you fall asleep. By practising meditation, before bed will help to quiet the mind and your sleep quality will improve.

Creates a Mindfulness State
Living in the now as opposed to always thinking about the future makes you appreciate the little things. You have a family; you have a bed to sleep in, a fork to eat the food you made with your hands. Being grateful and appreciative for the small things can create massive change. And the things you thought were big issues, can seem minuscule and the little things can seem hugely rewarding.

Spiritual Growth
Things that used to serve you may no longer. When we become still during meditation, we see things more clearly and simply, as they are. Maybe once you were grateful that you could have a fully packed social calendar. And now that you are present you can see that all those social occasions were draining your energy, making you run down, and no longer serving you. Meditating can teach you about yourself and what you need at this exact moment.


3 Different Styles of Meditation

Third Eye Meditation
This type of meditation focus’ in on your third eye, your higher self. When you open this Chakra, you can make decisions from your higher consciousness which is your true self. Opening the third eye brings your intuition, imagination and clarity into vision.

Mindfulness Meditation
This type of meditation can focus on one specific thing to be mindful about. This creates less judgement and a deeper connection with yourself and everything around you.

Deep Breath Meditation
Breath. The core of our existence. Create a regular meditation practice by dropping the struggle of trying to stop your mind and focus instead on your breath. Forgive your mind as it wanders. Instead of judging, direct your awareness back to your breath.


You can find these Meditation videos, plus so many more on Yogaholics under My Meditation. See you on the inhale.

Written by Katie Fowler