04 Mar 8 Ways To Journal Away Stress


The most organised person even needs a little inspiration to keep it all going. After bullet journals have become the new to-do list, Mind Body Green put together these ideas for the minimalist on how to tackle all your projects. From the big-picture visionary stuff to the day-to-day to-do lists.


First things first, what is a bullet journal (for those of you who have been living under rock)? 

Rapid Logging is the language in which the Bullet Journal is written. Ryder Carroll created the bullet journal which sets itself apart from a to-do list by using rapid logging which consists of four components: ‘topics’, ‘page numbers’, ‘short sentences’, and ‘bullets’.

“It’s a system designed to embrace your ‘imperfections’. Bullet Journaling is about learning what matters to you, and getting closer to those things every day,” Carroll said. You can see tutorials on how to bullet journal here.


1. A monthly dashboard

Make weekly goals based on how your larger goals are changing each month. “Goals” are what you’d love to do, and “Important” is what you have to do or need to remember.


2. A wellness or yoga tracker

Having a tracker that visually shows your progress will tighten your commitment and make you more inclined to keep up that new habit.


3. A series of daily goals

If your monthly vision is set in your mind, write down a series of daily goals to get you at least one step closer by the end of the month. Even if they’re small!


4. A daily log, or work of art

We like the idea of adding a little something extra to our daily lists; whether they’re purely decorative or a functional reminder of the “end goal,” a little beauty goes a long way.


Don’t forget to leave space for yourself and jot in your at home yoga practice, check out our Yogaholics videos to get you on the mat at home.


Written by Mind Body Green