01 Jun 2 Powerful Yoga Poses For Self-Love

yoga for self-love

Self-love and being proud of who you are is the most difficult, yet most rewarding relationship you can ever experience. #realtalk

Why do we continue to constantly negative talk about ourselves? Putting ourselves down, because we don’t exactly look how we think we should? Too fat, too skinny, too tall, feet are too big, too small, our laugh is too loud… the list seems to go on forever, and it’s not a nice one. Unfortunately.  It’s time to love yourself more. #SELFLOVE

It’s so much easier to talk yourself down than be in love with who you are. But hand on heart, would you talk to your best friend like you talk to yourself? Most definitely not, so why don’t you accept and love yourself for who you are?

Easier said than done; we get it! To start the process, we must first shift the current lens through which we see ourselves from one of criticism to one of love. And we, as yogis already have the tools to help us ground in the present, get clear on reality, and help us shift from negative self-talk to body-positive thinking. We can access a place inside of us, that is strong, expansive, and already perfect.

Why don’t you try this powerful pose to help you love your body as it is and see for yourself?


Goddess Pose, Variation

This primal shape helps get us quiet our inner critic and embrace our inner Goddess (or God). The arm variation of having one hand on the low belly helps us access the abdominal brain—the site of gut sense and intuition. With the hand on your navel, try taking deep full breaths, feel your belly swell with each inhalation. So many of us unconsciously hold in our stomachs in an effort to appear thinner, but in doing so, we are limiting our breath—our vital life-force. Full breaths require a full swell of the abdomen. Placing one hand over your chest keeps you plugged into your heart, the source of your true nature and unconditional love.


Camel Pose

This heart opener is accessible and freeing. It requires faith to lean back into the unknown and teaches us that we have our own backs. Camel stretches the front body, opening up our whole being — the total opposite of the curling in and covering up we tend to do when we’re ashamed of our bodies. Enjoy the strength, the freedom, and the expansiveness of your amazing body through this heartfelt shape!


These 2 simple poses will give you a glimpse into how your yoga practice can support you in improving the longest love affair of your life, yourself. #truthbomb

It will not only make you glow from the inside out but also magnetize great things and amazing people into your life. 

Your vibe attracts your tribe! 


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Written by Sarah Ezrin