How do I register for YOGAHOLICS?

You can register for your free 10 days of YOGAHOLICS on our Join Now page

Do I get a discount if I am a Power Living member?

As a Power Living member you will have received an email communication containing your special discount code to apply at the checkout when you register. This will apply the $12 membership price to your account.

What are the optimal computer and bandwidth requirements for streaming the videos on YOGAHOLICS?

YOGAHOLICS is designed to work on all major, modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 and above) on PC and Mac, as well as smartphones (iOS, Android) and tablets.

YOGAHOLICS hosts all our videos through Vimeo all upload and playback settings are set to Vimeo’s best practice guidelines.

Why does my video start and stop (buffer) during playback?

If you’re experiencing excessive buffering during playback, this could be for a number of reasons. It could be because your Internet connection cannot support continuous playback of the selected video quality. All our videos are uploaded through Vimeo in “Auto” mode which allows the player/device to select the best quality video file your streaming capabilities. It could also be a problem with one of the ‘hops’ (connections) between your ISP (internet service provider) and the Vimeo server.  Unfortunately if the problem persists you will have to contact Vimeo support:


Pleas provide them with the below specific information: 

  • Hosting site with the problem, which in this case is yogaholics.com.au
  • Video that they are trying to watch
  • Details of timing and playback issues
  • Their internet service provider and connection speed (if they have this information)


I can’t access the videos?

If you can’t access the videos you will need to check if your account active/paid up to date, as it most likely that your account has been put On Hold due to a missed payment.  Once logged in if you select My Account from the top right menu bar, clicking Manage Subscriptions you will be able see if a payment has failed.  You will not be able to access the video content if you’ve missed a payment.

Once this is corrected, please email us hello@yogaholics.com.au and advise us that you have rectified your payment issues, so we can ensure that you can access the classes.

How do I reset my password

You can reset your password by clicking on My Account in the top right navigation menu or Manage My Account in the footer of the site, the option to update/reset your password can be found in the list of options displayed on this page.

Can I view the videos on an iPad or iPhone?

YOGAHOLICS is designed to work on all devices including iPads, iPhones & Android devices.

Can I pay for my subscription with my credit card, without a PayPal account?

You are able to pay for your YOGAHOLICS subscription using a Paypal account or via a credit card (we use Stripe as our credit card merchant service).

Once you have selected the product on the JOIN NOW page and the sign up form is completed, you will be able to choose either credit card or Paypal.

Why can’t I register using PayPal?

You may not be able to register on the site using PayPal if your PayPal account is not connected to a credit card. If this is case you will need to log into your PayPal account and link a credit card in order to register.

Does my account get charged immediately after the 10 day free trial?

Yes it does. When you sign up you are required to enter in payment details, as your YOGAHOLICS subscription becomes active immediately after your 10 day free trial. Your account will be charged on day 11.

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account by clicking on My Account in top right of the navigation menu. Click “Manage Subscriptions” and cancel.

How do I manage my account to update payment details etc.?

You can manage your account by clicking on My Account in the top right navigation menu or Manage My Account in the footer of the site, within this section you will be able to update credit card details and your personal details.

How quickly should I expect a response from the support team at YOGAHOLICS?

If you send an email to any of the YOGAHOLICS email addresses, we endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours, during office hours, Monday to Friday.

If you send an email over the weekend please note that this will not be addressed until Monday morning.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you wish to cancel your YOGAHOLICS subscription you can do this via My Account. If you send this request through to hello@yogaholics.com.au or cancellations@yogaholics.com.au, you must provide 24 hours notice during Monday – Friday.

For example; if your subscription is due to be withdrawn on the Monday morning, you would need to email us on Friday morning in order for our team to action your request in time.

My account was cancelled but I did not cancel it! What happened?

This may have occurred because you were billed and the payment was unsuccessful a number of times.  After a series of attempts both Paypal and Stripe (credit card payment merchant) will cancel your account on your behalf.

If this has happened, please contact us on hello@yogaholics.com.au and we can work through a solution with you.

Why is my account in ‘pending activation’ status?

Your account will be in pending status if you used Paypal or credit card, but didn’t complete the process. There must be some kind of issue on your individual Paypal account or credit card that’s causing it – please try reviewing your Paypal or Stripe (credit card) payment settings, subscription settings, etc and then review the account status again.

If you have having any difficulties please contact hello@yogaholics.com.au

Why is the amount I'm being charged different to the standard monthly amount?

There may be a variance in the amount that is being debited from your account due to the fact that the membership is charged in AUD. If you are a member from any other country then the amount you are being charged will be the converted sum after the currency exchange.

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