29 Jun 5 Important Things Staying Home Has Taught Me

staying at home lessons

2020. Most of us didn’t expect that unpredicted turn of events, did we? Turning our life upside down. Pausing our life as we were used to it. March saw most of us staying at home and only leaving for essentials. With restrictions gradually easing, let’s take a closer look at what the weeks staying at home potentially have shifted in ourselves? How have we adapted to this new way of life? What were some of the lessons that staying at home taught us?


Where do we begin? The first days and weeks were probably quite a turmoil of emotions, getting adjusted to only staying at home. And we were shifting our work and social life not only into our four walls but also online. So many things to do and process at once. Nevertheless, after some time we adjusted and perhaps even loved our new normal a bit. There was so much on offer to keep us busy, but what about the times you had to yourself? Those times when you dared to pause and see what else is there? Pause to spend with yourself. What unravelled? Did you let it? Let’s look back at what our time in self-isolation taught us and if anything might be going with us into our “old” life?



1. You do you.


Just reminiscing to the first few days of self-isolation… Some friends took to their Insta feeds with a neverending flow of decluttering inspiration, passion project goals, finishing Netflix (it’s a thing) recommendations, yoga flow inspiration to die for or baking extravaganzas – just to name a few. Cos, did it even happen if it’s not on Instagram? RIGHT! Moving on. So, you, on the other hand, maybe preferred reading your books, listening to podcasts, learning how to illustrate on your iPad. We were finally told it was entirely ok to NOT tick off any goals or inspire FOMO in your friends with your astonishing Insta feed. You do you.

If these uncertain times have offered us one thing, it was: whatever feels best to you, do that. Who cares what others might think or do? Not always easy, we get it. But this window of having so much time to ourselves was the perfect setting to do exactly that; listening to your intuition more than what others are doing might have served you best. Is there a way you can take any of that attitude of you do you into your “old” life. Remember, that saying no and setting your boundaries is your most powerful self-care tool.



2. It’s ok to rest and slow down.


Following the above, it’s beautiful not to be that person that is always on the go, always doing stuff. You have some free time, but what if you were to do nothing? Yes, nothing at all. How would that make you feel? Bliss to some people. Others find it uneasy to deal with. Perhaps you discovered during your weeks at home that you craved slowing down and resting. Maybe initially you had to force yourself to slow down. Even if you were still working at full speed, the time at home slowed some things down A LOT. We had to take our foot off the gas for once.

You only discover how much rest your body and mind needs until you give it to them. TRUTH BOMB! Whether it was rolling out your mat for Yoga Nidra, taking a nap for your lunch break, journaling or daydreaming about your next overseas trip with the girls, that was your way of resting and finding out how to be perfectly ok doing ‘nothing’ at all. Resting is not being lazy; you are nourishing your whole being. Do less, so you can achieve more. How did the option of doing nothing and rest make you feel before staying at home? And how does it feel now? Anything you want to hold on to when your life picks back up?




3. Routine is not everything.


Here, we said it! Yes, routines are fantastic, but then sometimes we need to break out of them. While most of us are creatures of habits, lists and routines, there’s a point where everyone needs change. Especially during self-isolation, we created routines to stay productive and motivated. Not getting ourselves caught up in the sheer endless time we had to spare. So, you wake up, roll out your mat for a vinyasa class then make time for your green smoothie. Work from 9 – 5 followed by your daily evening walk through the neighbourhood… Groundhog day! Until one day you decided to go for a morning walk instead of yoga. And you took a different route, hence discovering your new favourite coffee shop you wouldn’t have ever come across otherwise. That made your day all the more exciting. Or perhaps you accidentally booked into a yin class instead of your usual vinyasa – and who’d knew yin would be what you needed most?

While routines are essential for building habits, breaking out of our routine is also necessary for us to fully enjoy our habits. Trying “new to us”, things can feel exciting, build confidence and introduce us to new practices and potentially new routines. Dreary groundhog day becomes exciting and enjoyable again. So, if you haven’t tried out new things to break up your daily grind yet, now is the time. You’d be surprised what you can discover.




4. Never underestimate fresh air.


Who’d have guessed how good it would feel to step outside of your four walls? SO GOOD! Soaking up some sun rays and breathing in the fresh air is magical. Being stuck inside will also make a rainy day walk feel like the best thing ever. Remember the days when it poured down with rain, and you ordered lunch in because no one wanted to leave the office and get soaked? Funny how that attitude shifted over the last few months. We appreciate the big outdoors even more when we are confined to our homes. Being in nature and breathing fresh air is essential to filling our cup. It can be going for a long walk in nature or just sitting on your front doorstep with a cup of tea on your break. Have you been outside today?




5. Rolling out your mat is crucial.


And lastly, yes how good was rolling out your yoga mat in your four walls? Who’d have thought that online yoga or any online exercise could be so epic? Didn’t see that coming. And even if you didn’t do the most spectacular flows, still not nailing that handstand because yeah, more yin than yang the last months. Meditation counts as yoga, right? ABSOLUTELY! And even if it was more like 10 minutes rather than the planned 60 minutes on your mat. Every minute is like chicken soup for the soul. Just taking out the time to step on your mat is enough for you to re-focus, re-charge, and to ground yourself. Switching off that busy mind for a bit and taking deep breaths do wonders!

This uncertain time has taught us that by allowing ourselves the time on our mat, shifting our gaze inwards than outwards, letting our whole being catch up with everything or going through all the emotions in down-dog is crucial for our wellbeing both mentally and physically. Doesn’t matter what or how your practice looked like, taking time for yoga is what counts. We are creating space for movement and breath. It isn’t always easy but so worth it in the end! Stay tuned for a heart-opening yoga flow below. Get ready to feel all the feels.



The lessons of staying at home.


Staying at home and shifting our focus from outside to inside has taught us so many valuable things. Doing lots of things to keep you busy during iso is ok, same goes for doing nothing at all. All you need to do is to pause long enough and listen. You’ll know. You might have discovered some new routines or priorities that you will take into your new “old” lifeā€”and happily leaving behind some old routines or habits. Don’t worry, those epic new baking skills for yours will come handy come your bestie’s next birthday. Promise!

Going into self-isolation wasn’t a piece of cake for some, same goes for coming out of our stay at home time. Both transitions are uncertain and sometimes scary. There is no manual for how to shift into the new normal way of life, so you do you. Don’t forget to pause long enough to listen inwards.




Feel the feels Flow


Are you ready to feel all the feels? Still, feeling anxious about your new normal? Or do you need to stretch after a long day hunched over at the desk? We’ve got you and the perfect yoga flow for you. Head over to Power Living‘s online yoga studio, yogaholics, and let Gina guide you through this 20 min Heart opening Flow. Roll out your mat and burst your heart wide open, yogis.




What has staying at home taught you? Remember it doesn’t have to be the big things, it’s mostly tiny, often labelled as unimportant things that make the significant shifts in the end.





Written by Bettina Simbuerger